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Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe

This is my first post, in what will be a very long line of posts, on our holiday in Scotland. We’ve had such an amazing time and I can’t wait to share plenty of stories from our travels. My husband and I wanted to visit Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe after I discovered it online. After going to Cat cafes in Manchester, Liverpool, and London, I was curious if there are dog cafes as well. Thus, I found out about Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe.

Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe - Entrance

I thought the best time to book is on their first session on Sunday and I was right. We were the only customers, as most people like to sleep more during the weekends. As it was Sunday, it also meant the on street parking was free, that is an added bonus. We’ve arrived a couple of minutes before the cafe opened.

A lady greeted us and gave us a sheet with the rules regarding the Chihuahuas. The thing we were expecting, like do not lift the dogs or leave them to sleep if they want to. They have a couple of shy dogs and these dogs have a bow tie, so it’s easy to know to be a bit more patient with them. I loved that little detail.

Me and my husband

This is what can happen if you are alone in the cafe, all the dogs will be around you on the sofa. How cute is that?!

Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe - Dogs sniffing

First of all, we went in, put my handbag in a box and went to the sofa. The rules say that you should not engage with the dogs. That’s quite natural for both my husband and I as we are knowledgeable when it comes to dog psychology. For dogs (and small children) to be comfortable, people should avoid loud noises and excitement.

 Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe - three dogs sniffing

The dogs, after finishing sniffing our shoes, climbed onto the sofa using their steps and sniffed us. Having a Rottweiler at home made the Chihuahuas extremely curious about us. Funnily, the owner of the Chihuahuas said that they were as excited only once before, when a customer went through a field with goats before coming to the cafe. That’s a good tip, make sure your shoes smell interesting and the dogs will be all over you.

 One of the dogs sitting on the lap at Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe

The dogs have their own timetable. They know that after a customer sits down and a blanket is placed on top of their feet, their job is to come and lie down.

Cuddles with one of the dogs at Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe

Some wanted some cuddles and attention.

Dogs sleeping at Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe

Others wanted to have a nap.

Me with a dog on my lap at Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe

One of the shy dogs sat on my lap for the whole time I was there. She wasn’t bothered by the coffee or cake. I had my slice of cake holding the plate over her head and she didn’t sniff the plate or beg for something. I was impressed.

Dog having a relaxing time at Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe

Cute dog at Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe

Me with my coffee and cake, while having a dog on my lap. At Edinburgh Chih

Dog asleep at Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe

Dog licking my hands at Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe

It was so relaxing. I’ve enjoyed spending the time with them so much. The lady working there talked about the dogs. They are pets, living at home with their owners, sleeping in the bed. During the day, they have a job to do, and that is to socialize with customers in 50 minutes sessions, with a 10 minutes break between sessions. After that they go home. The dogs are very much like a service dog, relaxed and calm. When one of them got a bit upset, the others calmed her down fast. It was a delight to see.

After the 50 minutes are over, all of them got up and run to the back door. There they can have a rest and I think there they also get some treats.

I was amazed by how everything is so well organized with both the customers and the dogs in mind. I would love to visit them again. It’s a shame the cafe is so far from us, but we will go there again on our next holiday in Scotland.

 Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe - Interior

 Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe - Interior

Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe is on 15 Frederick St, Edinburgh, EH2 2EY. Check their website for updates and more details. The prices start at £10 per person for a 50 minutes session and you can also have tea/coffee and a slice of cake for £5 per person.
Children under 5 are not permitted and there has to be a child with at least an adult to supervise. This is both for the welfare of the dogs and the for enjoyment of the customers.

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  1. This is such an amazing experience! I love dogs and this cafe seems calm and fun! What a great trip!

  2. This is really cool. OK, I’m more the cat cafe type but still, these dogs are practically LIKE cats! And so sweet. I love how they identify the shy ones and they are so well behaved. I know when I was traveling the only thing I missed about home was Lizzie and having a spot to get some animal time is great!

  3. OMG what cuties, they are adorable. I think we have a dog cafe in Newcastle but I haven’t been yet.

  4. I’d never heard about a dog cafe before, this is such a great idea! And they seemed to be cared for so well. What a fun experience!

    Julia x

  5. I’ll have to let my parents know about this. They are from Scotland and have a little cutie Yorkshire Terrier who would love this.

  6. Omg yasss! For a dog lover, this is like heaven to me!

    I’ve also just shared a Scotland travel post on my blog if you fancy checking it out!

    Oliver x

  7. It sounds really delightful. You got some incredible pictures too- what beautiful, photogenic dogs! I am glad you enjoyed it!

  8. I love this post! My sister-in-law has rescued and owned Chihuahuas for years, so I must share this with her.

    Was Festus on this holiday with you? If so, did he give you the once over when he smelled all the Chihuahua scents?

    1. Yes, he was in holiday with us. Amazingly he wasn’t that impressed by the Chihuahua scent. I though he will get excited.

  9. Oh my goodness, I love the sound of this cafe. I’d love the chance to snuggle up with one of the dogs whilst enjoying tea and cake

  10. This is the first I have heard of a dog cafe! There are dog renting services there so you can take a dog to the dog park without owning one. Chihuahuas are the cutest! How wonderful one was bonding with you.

  11. Ahh, lots of cute photos! The dogs seem to be very happy around you, especially that you have an interesting smell. 🙂 I wish we had one like that locally, my younger son would be so happy to visit a cafe like that.
    Looking forward to reading all about your Scottish trip.

  12. How different, one of my daughters would be in heaven there, she loves chihuahua dogs. I think there are a few too many there for me though! lol Mich x

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