Easter Jousting Tournament

Leeds hosts an Easter Jousting Tournament every year, well with the exception of the covid years. I’ve been in 2019 and loved it, so I’ve been again to see the last day of the tournament. It was exceptional. Enjoy the pictures. I’ve only added short descriptions when needed because I talked a lot about this event in 2019, so you can read about it here.

Easter Jousting Tournament

Royal Armouries Leeds


Pollaxe combat

There was a sword combat that we missed, but we saw the pollaxe combat. It started with a description of the armours, which is about 35kg (over 5 stones), before talking about the pollaxe. Of course, it followed with the demonstration which was really fascinating to watch.

Pollaxe combat

Jousting - judges

We took our places in the arena, were entertained by the jesters, and the judges arrived.

Jousting - Team from Finland

Team from Finland – one had bunny ears over his helmet

Jousting - Team from Portugal

Team from Portugal

Jousting - Team from UK

Team from UK

UK team in battle

The jousting bout is real, they are fighting and the wooden lances are broken during each pass (that’s the whole idea).

Easter Jousting Tournament


Winners. Team UK

The British team won, same as in 2019, which was lovely to see.

We’ve had a wonderful time and I think next year we are going to spend the whole Easter weekend there, to see all the activities.

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    1. It was such a fab event, just like a few years ago. They do different activities in the days before the Easter Monday, so I think I will do all the sessions (2 each day) to see the whole thing.

      In June I am going to a pageant. I guess you are going to enjoy the pictures from that one too. I am very excited about it.

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