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Aira Force waterfall

Aira Force is an waterfall in Lake District, near Ullswater. The waterfall is owned by the National Trust for more than 100 years. There are two car parks, in the main one there is a gift shop, a picnic area and the tearooms. We arrived late, at ~7pm, and it was relatively crowded, but in summer that might be excepted. There isn’t a fee to visit the waterfall, but the car park is free only for members.

01 Aira Force

The main force falls 70 feet. Above the waterfall there is a stone footbridge that can be crossed. The views are beautiful from there too.

02 Aira Force
The views while you are going to the waterfall from the overflow car park are stunning.

03 Aira Force
We stopped in a field so Festus could play and I was able to take some pictures of the lake.

04 Aira Force
From there, the waterfall is quite close, but there are a few steps (a lot). Plenty of opportunities to take pictures.

We went down the stairs, then walked around for a bit, went up another way and passed by the bridge.

08 Aira Force
At this point and after a dip in the water stream, Festus was exhausted. He was so tired he was taking every opportunity to lay down.

05 Aira Force
My husband was taking pictures of the waterfall from above. I’m not good with the camera or the heights.

06 Aira Force

07 Aira Force
Isn’t it beautiful?

09 Aira Force
We could hear birds singing in the woods, but they were hidden away in the leaves. I was lucky to get the chance to take a picture of this little guy.

Have you been to Aira Force?

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  1. How pretty and scenic! Even better that it was free, but even though you have to pay for parking it looks like it would be worth it.

    Aw, poor Festus, haha. It looks like there is a lot of stairs, so I’m sure I would have been exhausted, too! Bet he slept good!

  2. Wow, the waterfall looks so picturesque. I recently went to the Lake District and it’s a fabulous place to visit. Glad you had a good time.

  3. It is so beautiful, we spent our wedding anniversary in Bowness last year, so beautiful.

  4. Waterfalls are always so refreshing and invigorating! I love your little bird.

    I was briefly in the Lake District once, but didn’t get to see any waterfalls…

  5. It really is beautiful, I love waterfalls so definitely worth a trip to see x

  6. I love the Lake District. It’s so picturesque.

    I’ve never heard of Aira Force before but it looks impressive. Maybe if I’m in the area again I will pay a visit.

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