My unusual Hobbies

The topic for today’s #BEDN is unusual hobbies. I have a few hobbies. Maybe I should say I am easily interested in doing lots of different activities. When I was a teenager I liked reading books (I still do, but I don’t have so much time to do it) and I used to make tapestries. Unfortunately, in my early 20s I didn’t have time for hobbies, I was too busy with work, home, going out.

I wouldn’t describe my hobbies as unusual. My biggest passion is cooking, but I already talked about it a few days ago in Food Glorious Food.

unusual hobbies
These are my other hobbies and things I enjoy doing. I would like to try more things, so the list will grow bigger every year.

Unusual Hobbies
I love dressing up, I feel like a child again. Almost all the time I’m taking advantage of the opportunities I have to dress up, if it’s trying on hats, dresses at National Trust or Chinese clothes at Museum of Liverpool.

I love animals. I like going to the safari parks, to feed wild birds and the occasional friendly horse. I enjoy going to zoos too, but only if I know the animals are treated with care and love. I’ve been to Chester Zoo, Monkey Forest, Knowsley Safari Park and to others in Netherlands and Germany. I know it can be a controversial subject, but we live in a world where conservation and breeding programs sustained by the zoos are vital for the saving of endangered species.

Archery and shooting as unusual hobbies
I tried both once and I loved it. Archery is hard, I chose a bigger bow and it was fine. I liked it, but I loved shooting. Trying to hit the middle of the target every time brought out my competitive side and it was fab. The lady told me I’m a natural.
They might seem as aggressive sports, but they are not. When I’ve pointed the arrow/gun I was thinking only of the target, I wanted to hit it in the middle. I’m still a peaceful vegetarian, as before.

Unusual Hobbies
F1. I’ve been an F1 fan since I saw half of race in 1998. Michael Schumacher was amazing and I soon become hooked. I’d watch all the races, with the 3 practice sessions and qualifying if I have the time. If not, just the race and the qualy. I read about the pilots and I also watch other F1 shows, mainly on BBC, as I’m not very found of the ones at Sky.

outdoor activities
I like all sort of outdoor activities. I like hiking and recently I discovered geocaching, I liked kayaking a lot and I love camping. Being outdoors is exciting and there are so many things to see. Just going on a circular walk through a small village is a really fun way to explore new places and see lots of interesting things.

Starcraft as unusual hobbies
Starcraft is an old game that hubby and I used to play at the beginning of our relationship. We still like it and we play weekly.

Working out
I love weight training! It’s my favourite type of exercise regime, I never get bored when I’m trying to do more push-ups. The sense of achievement when I finally can increase my weights is amazing too. A very important part is how it makes me feel when I’m doing everyday chores. I can lift and carry big things without having to rely on hubby and I find that amazing. Of course he will do almost all the heavy lifting, but I can do some of it too. So, even if I don’t, just knowing that I can makes me proud of my work so far.

Do you have any unusual hobbies?

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  1. So many 🙂 you must never be bored which is great :).
    Always being up for trying new things is so cool – I can’t say I’ve tried many of these myself if I’m honest – maybe one day!

  2. My husband is the biggest F1 fan and I confess, when it’s on and he’s engrossed, I do find myself glancing up more than I thought I would, it’s a bit addictive isn’t it?? I don’t have any particularly unusual hobbies or interests…I probably need to find some!
    M x

  3. I love it that you have all these cool, unusual hobbies! I like having lots of different ones, too, and my list is always growing as well 🙂 Not sure I would be any good at archery! I used to love Formula 1, too, Mika Hakkinen was my favourite. I agree that it’s lovely to see animals at wildlife parks where they are well loved and cared for, and feeding the birds at our local park is definitely something I enjoy 🙂 such a cool post, Anca! Hope you find many more enjoyable hobbies, it’s great that you keep such an open mind and are interested in doing all these things xxx

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