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Lyndricks House B&B, Ascot, review

I don’t usually write reviews, but it’s pretty hard to find reviews outside tripadvisor on places that are not that well known. So, I can only hope that my review will give more info to an undecided tourist. I’ve stayed at Lyndricks B&B in Ascot for 4 nights a couple of weeks ago.

01 Lyndricks House B&B Ascot review

The room that I received was big and light. It was much bigger than expected, with a double bed, as I was alone. The bedroom and the en-suite were sparkling clean. Also, I was surprised that the room was cleaned every day.

In the room there were tea/coffee making facilities and a small fridge, very handy. Also, there was free Wi fi. It was slow, but I was expecting that, so didn’t bother me much. For a tourist it’s hardy an issue anyway.

02 Lyndricks House B&B Ascot review

03 Lyndricks House B&B Ascot review

04 Lyndricks House B&B Ascot review

05 Lyndricks House B&B Ascot review

The only downside of the room was the en-suite, quite small. I’m not sure the layout of the house would allow for a bigger bathroom, but it can be an issue for a couple.

06 Lyndricks House B&B Ascot review

The KitKat was a nice touch, who doesn’t like some chocolate.

07 Lyndricks House B&B Ascot review

Yes, I was watching Masterchef 😀

08 Lyndricks House B&B Ascot review

The thing that I must complain about is the distance to Ascot Racecourse. On their website they advertise a 10 minutes walk. Well… in fact it’s a 10 minutes walk to Gate 7, from where you can see how beautiful the Grandstand looks in the morning.

09 Lyndricks House B&B Ascot review

After a few minutes, as I had plenty of time and it was a nice day, I could see better the Grandstand… but not the entrance. I had to go back and circle around the racecourse.

I assume that usually people don’t book a B&B at Ascot to jog in the morning with posh people (that would be so cool!), so their website was misleading. To walk to the Racecourse, it takes 10 minutes to Gate 7 and another 15 minutes around the racecourse, so 25 minutes in total. For me it was fine, even on heels, as we usually walk the dog 1 hour or more in the morning.

I can strongly recommend taking the taxi. I got the phone number from the B&B and the taxi arrived fast every time. It’s a few minutes drive from the Racecourse and it costs £5-£6.
This was an issue for me, as I wanted to walk to and from the Racecourse and that wasn’t suitable. If hubby was with me, with the car, it would have not been an issue, as it is very close.

I can recommend the B&B for the races. They have a few parking spaces and considering how expensive is the car park for Royal Ascot, taking the taxi can be cheaper.

10 Ascot

This has nothing to do with the B&B, but I spotted this bird house in a gift shop in Ascot and I loved it.