Bonfire night on the docks

Yesterday was Bonfire night and we wanted to go to Sefton. It was a surprise to see that it moved from Sefton to the docks for the River of Lights event. We were disappointed with the change, but went anyway. We had to park very far from Albert Dock, but that proved to be a great idea. We head up to Princess Parade and even there it was very busy. As we had plenty of time, we’ve decided to go in search for something to eat. As we were busy with work, we didn’t have the time to eat something before leaving home. There were only a couple of hot dog trucks and an ice cream van. On Albert Dock and the other docks in the centre was extremely busy. I don’t know how many people were there, but I imagine many thousands or more, considering it must have been packed on the other side of the river too, in Wirral. I also imagine it’s easier to assure the safety of people when most of them are spread out on the docks instead of a huge crowd gathered in pretty much one place.


The fireworks were set up from barges on the river. We were lucky to find a spot exactly near one of the three barges. I think on Albert dock the view wasn’t as good, as it was very crowded. The lack of music made the fireworks look a little sad comparing to the ones from last year. Even so, it was a lovely event and the fireworks display was amazing.

Next year I hope they will go back to Sefton park. If not, I hope they will learn from this year and they will add music during the fireworks display. Before the display there was a concert and street celebrations, but it was too crowded and not a lot of people were able to go there, us included.









Have you been to a fireworks display yesterday?

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  1. That looks like a pretty amazing bonfire night display. I must admit I’m a sucker for fireworks.

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