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A decade of Vegetarianism

5 years ago I talked about my experience as a vegetarian for 5 years, today I mark a decade of vegetarianism.

Being vegetarian is a very important part of my life, but not one that I would talk about. If I don’t have to disclose it, I wouldn’t. Recently I had light lunches with the other volunteers at the stately home I’m going to and besides telling a couple of them that I’m vegetarian, the rest have no clue. I simply pick from the vegetarian options – that means cheese sandwiches – and not talk about it. With desserts, I know which ones are vegetarian and which one might not be, so I know what to avoid.

Even on my blog, I rarely talk about this, unless I’m doing a pub/restaurant review, or a cooking at Christmas ideas/guide sort of post.

A decade of Vegetarianism - Cake

In the last 10 years I learned so much about cooking and discovering new recipes, ingredients. Like this amazing dark chocolate mousse cake I’ve prepared for today’s celebration. If you fancy trying the cake, here is the recipe for Chocolate Mousse Cake. I loved every minute of it and it’s something I intend to do in the future.

I feel great, I have lots of energy, I gained muscle mass, I did pretty intensive workouts like Insanity and P90X3. I am so happy with my choice and, I know I will always be a vegetarian. I feel too good not to be a vegetarian. Another thing that changed was asking questions about where products are made and how. It changed the way I shop, the things I buy. Also, it made me appreciate more local made.

Because most of the results when I searched on google “a decade of vegetarianism” where stories saying “why I stopped”, I’ve made a list of things I really hope I will stop hearing in the future. It’s true that these 5 things I hear less of, but I would love not to hear them at all by the end of the next decade. Luckily, as more and more people are becoming vegetarians or vegans, the rest of the people are more understanding.

5 things I hope I hear less of in the next decade of vegetarianism:

1. Do you miss bacon?
I see bacon as a piece from the belly of a dead pig… so… no… I don’t miss bacon at all. Same applies to “Do you ever miss meat?”

2. Where do you get your proteins from?
That is always a funny one, because is obvious the persons asking this question have no idea of nutrition, the four macro-nutrients and their role.

3. What do you eat?
I hope people will diversify their diet enough not to ask me that.

4. I know somebody that was vegetarian for x years and now is not.
This is just as polite as telling someone who mentions is married for x amount of years that they know somebody got divorced after the same time. Why? Someone’s choice has nothing to do with me.

5. What about leather?
Leather was one of the first things I stoped buying. In the last 15 years so many new materials appeared that is hardly problematic to find shoes, sofa, and other faux-leather goods.

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  1. Thank you for your interesting blog. I’ve been vegetarian for 23 years and vegan for a further 6 years – I could never eat meat or any animal products ever again. For me, the decision is for life.

  2. I used to be a vegetarian! However, I have severe allergies to beans, seeds, mushrooms, and a lot of other veg so had no choice but to go back to other (dietary) side 😭
    Being a vegetarian takes so much commitment and it builds such an indepth knowledge of food and nutrients, so it’s great that you haven’t just given up, and it makes you feel fab xx

  3. 10 years is a great commitment, well done! I’m not vegetarian but I eat meat very rarely – my boyfriend is vegan so I don’t really cook meat or have it in the house, but I haven’t yet given up on those rare meals out!

  4. Your question and answer part was hilarious! People do ask the sillest questions sometimes. I can’t imagine was vegan people get asked… Being a vegetarian is a great contribution to making animal’s lives and the planet better.
    Hopefully one day I can embrace that choice too – I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently!

    Julia x

  5. Congrats on your ten year anniversary for being a vegetarian! Well done for being so persistent! It is a great choice but definitely not for me. Wish I could be, maybe one day!

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