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Meal plan. Updated

I made a meal plan to mark National Vegetarian Week. This is an update on how well the plan worked. I respected the plan almost 100%, so I’m pretty pleased with this. As I took the pictures of the food at different times of the day, the light differs, which was also interesting to see.

So, this is what I made last week, with a few details on each day, and pictures of each dish. I did not add pictures of the desserts each day, if they were the same as the day before. Each day has at least 6 servings of fruit and vegetables. I had a glass of juice almost each day, but that doesn’t show in the pictures. Also, I had some snacks on Friday, for LightNight at home.

Meal plan

Meal plan - Monday

Breakfast – Porridge with pistachio butter, walnuts, and rose preserve; breakfast juice
Lunch – Baked beans with added onions and peppers, toast with Marmite
+ Banana bread (no added sugar)
Dinner – Minestrone Soup

Meal plan - Tuesday

Breakfast – Mashed chickpeas with garlic and sundried tomatoes; red grape juice; peppers
+ Banana bread with apricot jam (fruits only, no added sugar)
Snack – Strawberries
Lunch – Herby risotto with baked celeriac and roasted peppers
Dinner – Omelette with vegan cheese and spring onions

Meal plan - Wednesday

Breakfast – Mashed chickpeas with garlic and sundried tomatoes; tomato and Brazilian pepper salad; toast
Lunch – Roasted veggies with peanuts; vegan steak; Fufu
+ Summer fruits and apple crumble; vegan chocolate ice-cream
Dinner – Red lentil soup (shop-bought); sandwich with vegan cheese

Meal plan - Thursday

Breakfast – Mashed chickpeas with garlic and sundried tomatoes; peppers
+ Summer fruits and apple crumble; vegan cream; vegan chocolate ice-cream
Lunch – Pasta with sundried tomatoes, garlic, onions, and peas; grapes
+ Naan pizza (vegan)
Dinner – Egg salad with Nigella seeds

Meal plan - Friday

Breakfast – Onion and pepper crepes; crepes filled with cherry jam, vegan ice-cream, and chocolate sauce
Lunch – Chilli non carne (shop-bought)
Dinner – Minestrone Soup (homemade)

Meal plan - Saturday

Breakfast – Bean salad with toast; Dates stuffed with hazelnut and pistachio butter
Lunch – Pizza with olives and peppers
Dinner – Minestrone Soup (homemade)

Meal plan - Sunday

Breakfast – Mashed chickpeas with garlic and tomato paste; small peppers
+ 2 Crepes with Rhubarb and ginger jam
Lunch – Janssons frestelse; Strawberries
Dinner – Quinoa salad with white asparagus and olives

Meal plan – Desserts

Monday – Banana bread with dried mango and no added sugar. It was enough for two days, as planned.
Wednesday – Summer fruits and apple crumble. It was supposed to last for three days, but we finished it in two.
Saturday – Stuffed dates

I will continue to make meal plans, but, unlike this time, I will make them for the next 3-4 days, so I know what I need to buy from the supermarket. I think it will be easier and, right now, with all the things I have to do, it is helpful to have a clear meal plan.

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  1. Inspiring post! You’ve really done well with your meal plan, and the presentation of the food. Everything looks nutritional and delicious. The vegan naan pizza looks amazing. 🙂 xx


  2. Sadly, my family are all confirmed carnivores but I would LOOOOVE to have this as our meal plan one day, it looks delicious! Lisa

  3. All the food you made seems so delicious! I love your idea of adding things to baked beans, I’ll have to try that out one day. The naan pizza looks delicious! You’re making me want to try lots of new meal ideas, so thank you for sharing this it’s really helpful 🙂
    Take care Anca, and have a great week!

    Julia x

  4. I actually love these meal plans. Most time they are unrealistic to me and I dont relate at all to them! But these, i could definitly get inspired by those! Thanks for the article 🙂

  5. Well done on your meal plan and logging. The photos are terrific — I want to dive into each and every one of them. It all looks delicious!

  6. My mouth is watering at the sight of all these beautiful displays of your meals! Looking at this, I honestly don’t see why anyone would feel they had to have meat. It’s healthy, nutritious, and (I’m certain) very tasty.

    I like the look of your naan pizza. I’ve yet to find a store-bought naan that is vegan.

    1. Thank you. In UK many naan contain milk, but there are some without. I also make pizza with pitta bread, which is mostly vegan, and it works great too. 🙂

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