I volunteer with Friends of Birkenhead Council Kennels and this week I was at the fundraising from New Ferry CO-OP. It was a lovely experience and I had the pleasure to meet a few very nice ladies.

The council wants to close the kennels and the dog warden and move it very far, in Liverpool. So, please sign here the petition to stop the closing of the kennels. Every signature counts!

The people from the neighborhood were very supportive and generous. I was impressed to see how many dog lovers are there and how not-dog lovers reacted too. The closure of the kennels affects everybody.

These days, at the fundraising, were a good reminder why I moved here last year and, funny, this happened a few days before I will celebrate my 1 year anniversary of moving to UK.

Hubby took a picture when he visited me yesterday at the fundraising. He was very busy in L’pool and he stopped just for a second.