Robert Heinecken: Lessons in Posing Subjects

We went to Open Eye Gallery for the special exhibition: Robert Heinecken: Lessons in Posing Subjects.
Robert Heinecken, 1931–2006, was an influential post-war American photographer. At the exhibition at Open Eye Gallery there are Polaroids the photographer took in the early 80s. There are some sketchbooks and magazine cuttings on display too.

The pictures are in batches of 8 with long description of posing, emphasizing the better way to pose. The descriptions are very detailed and it was a shame we weren’t allowed to take pictures at least. There wasn’t a booklet on sale either.

Posing is much harder than I thought, even after watching all those series of Next top model. There were 3-4 types of holding the hand in the hair and a long list of “dos” or “don’ts” regarding this. It’s quite fascinating.

Unfortunately we couldn’t take any pictures of the exhibits, but hubby took a few of me having in mind the points we’ve read about posing.

01 open eye gallery posing

02 open eye gallery posing