White Christmas

We’ve had snow on Boxing Day, but it’s the 2nd day of Christmas, so it counts like a White Christmas. It snowed for an hour, enough time to go outside and have a laugh, play in the snow and take some pictures. I’ve posted more pictures with Festus in the snow and his Christmas on […]

Waiting for Santa

Milk & homemade chocolate chip cookies are ready on the mantelpiece and now we are waiting for Santa. Merry Christmas! You might also like Martisor White Christmas Martisor, spring tradition My birthday Halloween

5th Gotcha Day

I remember like it was yesterday the excitement I felt when we were shopping for leads, collars, raised food bowls and toys. On the same day we went to the breeder to get our pup. I had to wait 10 years until I could get my rottweiler and when I finally got him, I was […]

Handmade Tinsel Wreath

Yesterday I’ve made our tinsel wreath. Now I’m thinking I didn’t even look online how to make it, wouldn’t recommend that. The Christmas wreath was easy to make. I don’t have any pictures, as hubby was busy with something else and I couldn’t make it and take pictures at the same time. I’ve cut a […]

My 2014

2014 has been an incredible year: new house (that we can really call ours), business growth, we’ve been healthy and had a lot of fun. If 2015 is at least half as wonderful, it will be pretty amazing. You might also like 2012 Run or Dye 2015* Blogging Goals for 2016 30 days Smoothie Challenge […]

Victorian Christmas Weekend at Skepe Hall

Surely it was a surprise to see so many people at Speke Hall for the 2nd Victorian Christmas Weekend. Last year we didn’t go, although I can’t remember why. Let’s go in. The Victorian-inspired decorations were beautiful. The lady was our guide and she was so nice to let us join in even if we […]

Winter outfit

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a fashion post. So, when I saw the pictures hubby took during the weekend, I couldn’t resist making one. Tomorrow I’ll post about the Victorian Christmas Weekend at Speke Hall. It was lovely and we had a great time. For now, enjoy the photos. You might also […]

Lyndricks House B&B, Ascot, review

I don’t usually write reviews, but it’s pretty hard to find reviews outside tripadvisor on places that are not that well known. So, I can only hope that my review will give more info to an undecided tourist. I’ve stayed at Lyndricks B&B in Ascot for 4 nights a couple of weeks ago. The room […]

Christmas fair at Ripley Castle

This weekend I’ve been in Ripley at their Christmas Fair. It was too crowded to take pictures at the fair, but I took some pictures outside. I bought a few things that have nothing to do with Christmas, but, well, it’s what I’ve fancied. I’ve got a cheese making kit for halloumi, this one. Looks […]