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Yew Tree Farm

I mentioned in my Blogging Goals for this year that I want to visit a local farm (there are a couple of mills on my list too) each month and blog about it. I will do this as a way to promote small local businesses and enjoying fresh produce if possible.

01 Yew Tree Farm

Yesterday hubby and I went to Yew Tree Farm. The farm shop was established in 1981 and it’s a family run business in Halewood Village. In 2001 the family expended by converting a 17th century hay barn for the shop. At the farm there is also a Coffee Barn. It looked busy, but we wanted to go somewhere else too. I would like to have a meal next time we are there. There are a few chickens, a goat, a few sheep, but it’s January, not the best time for playing with the animals. We saw a funny dog, very friendly, but unwilling to sit still for a photo. It was a lovely relaxing way to shop and it could have been even better if we had time for at least a coffee in the barn.

02 Yew Tree Farm
I was looking at the goat while hubby snatched a picture.

03 Yew Tree Farm

The farm shop looks lovely, the decorations are nice and the staff was friendly. Besides the veggies, there were lots of other goodies, like chutneys and jams. There is a freezer with breaded mushrooms and onion rings that are sold by the kilo. In the fridge there were lots of types of cheese and fresh herbs like sage and thyme.

04 Yew Tree Farm

05 Yew Tree Farm

I’m not sure which veggies are fresh from local farms and which ones are imported. It’s January, so I assume most of them are imported, although I have no idea what is available at greenhouses this time of year.

It was lovely to have a look around, browse through the shop, buy some veggies and see some animals. The Yew Tree Farm is near Speke Hall, a National Trust property I’ve been to a few times. I will definitely stop by the farm next time I’m going to Speke.

06 Yew Tree Farm

This is what I bought. I had some veggies at home, so it was pointless to buy lots. Even so I think it was a good deal as I spent only a little over £5 for these veggies.

If you want to visit the farm, the address is: Yew Tree Farm, Lower Road, Halewood, Liverpool L26 3UA.

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  1. What a wonderful farm shop! Love all the vintage features. I love visiting farm shops, such a fun experience.

  2. What a lovely farm. We should visit our local one more often. Thanks for linking to out and about

  3. Have you been to Wheelock in Sandbach, they have a great farm shop with animals too. x

  4. What a lovely looking farm and farm shop! I love locally grown produce, I think it’s awesome that you’re helping to promote small businesses through your blogging 🙂 x

  5. Looks like a really nice farm shop!! I don’t know what they would be growing at this time of year. To be honest I’ve never thought about it x

  6. I love a good farm shop! We have one in our town, little gutted their is no farm to go with it mind!!! I am going to try and hunt one down,thanks for sharing

  7. Oh yes! I love a good farm. I had to Google Yew Tree farm as it sounded so familiar…I thought perhaps it was on a TV show or something but apparently there are a load of Yew Tree Farms up here too haha!
    These are my favorite types of posts. I look forward to seeing the other farms and mills you explore this year.


  8. In the middle of London, it’s pretty hard to find a local farm shop haha! But I do like popping in when I’m in the countryside for chutneys and jams


  9. I love visiting our local farm shop, the produce always tastes so much nicer, it’s so fresh. I also love a cream tea or two as well 😉


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