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Baking along The Great British Bake Off

Today the wait is finally over and the Great British Bake Off starts again. As last year, I will bake along each week at least one of the challenges.

the great british bake off

This is cake week and I’ve baked a Classic Victoria sponge (recipe on my food blog). The name of the cake comes from Queen Victoria, obviously. Recipes for cakes with yeast appeared in cookbooks from the 17th century, but as Queen Victoria loved this cake, it got the name from her. The traditional cake had raspberry jam filling and whipped cream. I used strawberry jam as my husband doesn’t like raspberries.

Next week will be Biscuit Week. I’m sure my husband will be delighted with biscuit week, as he likes them. I’m not sure what I’ll make, last year I baked biscotti. If you want to read more about my bakes from last year, have a look at The Great British Bake Off, bake along.

In September I’ll be away with work (and a couple of days off) and it will be difficult, but I want to bake each week regardless. Last year when I had to leave in September I was baking a Frangipane tart at 7.30 in the morning, before leaving home, so I know I can do it.

Are you watching the Bake Off? Does it inspire you to bake?

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