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September 2022

The Queen died earlier this month, which triggered memories of loved ones who died. This is why I’ve decided to stop posting until the funeral, on my blogs and on social media (with the exception of twitter which is entirely dedicated to fighting disinformation in the Russian invasion of Ukraine). My husband and I went to lying-in-state, which took 12 hours, the floral tribute, and the funeral procession. I shared pictures here.

I can’t go to talk about my month before I say something about Ukraine too. Do not forget about them, you can do something about the war, even if it doesn’t seem like much. If you can, donate, even a couple of pounds to help, if you can’t donate, follow Ukrainians and share their stories, it’s just as important. Do not let the Russians win by ignoring what is happening. Children, women, and men are dying each day because of this invasion, and the pictures and movies coming out of Ukraine are heartbreaking. Today I saw a shell-shocked dog on top of a bombarded home, where his 4 humans were killed, a grandmother, mother, and 2 children. Yesterday the humanitarian convoy Zaporizhzhia was attacked and the images from there are hard to watch, but important to know and talk about.

Now, my month. We’ve almost finished the kitchen, which is great. We are now in London, so this is why it’s not 100% finished. I am happy with how it turned out, really really happy.


My husband treated me to a 7 course set tasting menu at a vegan restaurant. I loved it and I will blog about it next month.


I also started university. I’m year 3 and I am doing an intercollegiate module, hence the two pictures. On the left is KCL and on the right is Queen Mary. I’m loving what I’m doing and I had a chat this week with my tutors on what are the plans for this year. It should be great.


I missed Roots, the vegan restaurant at KCL. The food is so good and the prices are great too.


1. Spice drawer. 2. Planing. 3. More stuff for the kitchen. 4. Max won again! 5. A very special meal. 6. More tomatoes from the garden. 7. Fab pub in Nottingham. 8. Queen Elizabeth died. 9. We decided to go to London for the lying in state and funeral procession, so I shared a picture from Westminster. 10. I’ve decided to read a biography of the Queen, a book I bought earlier in the year. 11. Trying to figure out the built-in mechanisms for the appliances by checking the ones in the showrooms. 12. Delivery of appliances. 13. Kitchen looking awkward with the blue protective film still on, some doors were not yet installed. 14. Pizza in our new oven. 15. Coffee at my new bean-to-cup machine. 16. Meal at Neat: burger bowl with tater tots. 17. 12 hours queue for the lying in state, technically ended the following day. 18. Floral tributes, Green Park. 19. The funeral procession, London. 20. The Hindu Temple, Neasden. 21. Amazing result at wordle: RECAP. 22. (old) design. 23. Beautiful day. 24. Display of banned books at the local library. 25. Welcome to Wrexham, a fun docuseries. 26. Desserts at Tofu Vegan. 27. View from the university. 28. Gorgeous row of houses. 29. London. 30. Books in September.


I only managed to read 4 books. I am quite behind in my reading challenge of 100 for the year, but I think I will get close in the next months as I will have quite a few books to read for university.
All 4 books were interesting, each in its own way. I would recommend all of them.

Books I read in September:
Queen of Our Times by Robert Hardman – 5 stars
Discipline and Punish by Michel Foucault – 5 stars
Sex and Sexuality in Medieval England by Kathryn Warner – 5 stars
The cholera years by Charles Rosenberg – 5 stars

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  1. Glad to hear that your kitchen is almost finished, I hated no having one when ours was done. Well done on all the books, I have just picked one up for the first time this year

  2. The news from Ukraine was definitely pushed into the background after the Queen’s death. Good to be reminded of the things we can do to help. The food on your 7-course vegan meal looks amazing. Good luck with catching up on your reading challenge. #project365

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