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My 8 Photos of Happiness

The lovely New Age Maiden tagged me for the 8 Photos of Happiness. I love this idea as I am pretty keen on showing lots of pictures on my blog. After I pondered, I’ve decided to look in the past, in the years before blogging and pick 8 pictures from there.

I have to start with our wedding, 8+ years ago. It was a special day and one of the best moments of my life.

The second picture is from our honeymoon, in Netherlands. This picture is from Madurodam, a miniature village we both loved.

After nagging hubby for ages, he agreed to go with me at the F3 race that took place in the city centre in Bucharest. Well, he loved the race even though we knew nothing about the drivers or the teams. The sound, the crowds, everything was exciting. I had the chance to get into the simulator and I loved it, I was able to drive for a short lap.

In 2008 I volunteered for a short period at a horse shelter. I was walking the horses (on foot), petting them and in general showing them love and attention. I was allowed to give them treats, like this yummy apples.

We took this picture a couple of months after getting Festus. The cat, Chubbchubbs (named after the renowned The chubbchubbs) was not happy we’ve got the dog, Festus. At the same time, Festus was delighted he had a very cute friend to play with… and by play he meant chase around the house. I love this picture even though I don’t have any shoes and my hair is a mess. We were in the process of setting everything up for the proper picture.

Here we were on a short holiday in Bulgaria, at Kaliakra on the Black Sea shore. The castle looked so pretty and the dog was happy to see and smell new things. It was a lovely day out.

We were at the Peles Castle, one of the residency of King Michael I of Romania (great-great-grandson of Queen Victoria). Is only a few hours from Bucharest, in the Carpathian mountains, built in late 19th Century. It’s called a castle, but it is a palace. It’s opened to the public.
We’ve been there a few times and that time we had Festus with us. I remember it because Festus was still a pup, less than 1 year old and he barked at a dog statue. It was so funny seeing him puzzled by a statue that looks like a dog but it doesn’t smell like a dog. Also he stayed and listened to a pandean pipe song, played by someone on the castle grounds.

We took this picture at our last Christmas together in Romania. I though is pointless to try to convince the cat to get a photo with us as he was so reluctant. I think Festus was looking at Chubbchubbs when we were taking this picture.

I want to tag only 5 bloggers, but I hope more readers will join in. Even if you don’t have a blog, select 8 photos and think why they made you happy, is a process you’ll love x
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  1. Loved all of your photos. Festus is super cute. I am very much fond of dogs but I cannot adopt one as of now!

  2. This is great! Of course, I’ll do it, thanks for asking me! I’m sorry I haven’t visited- you haven’t been showing up in my Bloglovin feed which means it’s probably done that thing again where it stops following (it’s happened to me a few times!) , will go and check! I adore your photos! Chubbchubbs is really cute!!x

  3. OMG You look GORGEOUS in your wedding photo, Anca, and so, so happy! How lovely! Love the pic of you at the horse shelter, and the family pic with you, your hubby, dog and cat, it’s so sweet. Bulgaria looks really cool! Actually, all your photos are great and I can understand why you chose them! Thank you so much for tagging me, I can’t wait to do my post, although I need to have a good think about which photos to use! x

    1. Thank you x It’s a lovely process to select the pictures and look through all those happy moments. I loved it.

  4. These are such lovely pictures, what a lovely little family you have. Peles Castle looks like a fairytale. Thank you so much for the tag x

  5. This is such a great tag. I’ve already wrote and scheduled my post for Thursday because it was so much fun!

    I love how so many of these photos feature your husband and Festus. It’s good to know they make you happy. 🙂

    1. I can’t wait to see your photos. After I made the post I realized that too, there are a lot of pictures of us together 🙂

    1. Thank you x It was amazing. The simulator was moving, when I’ve accelerated the nose went up, what a thrill.

  6. These are such lovely pictures and its such a lovely tag too! Your animals are adorable and your wedding dress was so beautiful!!

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