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Pancake Day


Hubby loves Pancake Day, we ate all sort of pancakes all day. I must admit I’m excited to cook different types of pancakes and crepes. In this picture there is a selection of what we had yesterday.

02 Beetroot pancakes

beetroot pancakes, served with grated Cheddar and cream cheese

We’ve started with this lovely pink pancakes (should’ve made them for Valentine’s Day). They were so fluffy.
I made the cream cheese with full fat soft cheese mixed by hand with chilli oil, a drop of milk, a teaspoon of clotted cream and a pinch of smoked paprika. It was delicious, even my not-so-in-love-with-beetroot-hubby said he would like to eat them again.

Next there were some grape juice pancakes with a funny-looking colour, so no picture. It was good and I’m going to try with different kind of juices, like orange juice. Or I’ll just add some food colouring, although I avoid colouring as much as I can. I had a couple with raspberry jam and hubby preferred them with honey.

03 Crepes

crepes with mushrooms and grated Cheddar

For lunch we had simple crepes. The mushrooms are chopped, tossed in a pan with chilli and almond butter. They were amazing, I really love this recipe. Delicious!

04 Mushrooms with almond butter

For dessert I had half of crepe with honey and almond butter from hubby. It was a little too sweet for me. That was for lunch. At that point I thought I’m going to make some more pancakes for dinner. I was thinking of onion and pepper pancakes with grilled courgettes in olive oil on top. But we were full, so I’ll make this recipe another time.

05 Crepes with tahini and sundried tomatoes

Instead we had this yummy crepes, filled with tahini and sundried tomatoes, chopped. On top I’ve sprinkled some oil from the tomatoes and a spoon of tahini. They were amazing, the tahini complemented the tomatoes very good. It was a winner.

Hope everybody had a lovely pancake day. Leave me a link in the comment section if you want to share interesting recipes you had.

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    1. Thank you Corinne. I’ve seen them on a blog a week ago, as a recipe for Valentine’s Day and I thought it sounds yummy. It was a dessert version, but I felt they would be better as savoury.

  1. They sound so yummy! I always think of pancakes as a sweet thing, so seeing your great savoury ideas has made me want more pancakes to try out! The cream cheese especially sounds delicious.

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