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The White Cross Pub

Yesterday my husband and I went to Lancaster and we stopped for coffee at The White Cross Pub. The pub is near the canal, more info is available on their website. It is in an 130 years old cotton mill.

The name of the pub comes from the original stone white cross, that was just 200 meters away. It was a place were people travelling would stop and give thanks. It’s possible they would stop for food and drinks in the area too.

Storey’s Mill was finished in 1880. The building where the pub is now, used to be a storage place for raw materials. In the mill oil cloth and linoleum was made. In 1987 the area was transformed from a former industrial boundary to a lovely place with pub and offices, a short walk from the city centre.
The pub is independent and, on their website, they mention that they use local produce as much as possible. We will go there for a meal soon, as I really loved the feel of the pub.

 The White Cross Pub

It was raining, so I didn’t get any pictures from outside. I looked on their Instagram account and there are pictures there with the outside as well. The pub is really lovely.

 The White Cross Pub

I picked a spot near the canal. Even on a rainy day it looks beautiful.

 The White Cross Pub

The coffee is lovely. As always, I think the pub prices are amazing, both coffees were less than £5. I compare them with the prices found in the coffee chains. Those are overpriced in my mind, although I do get coffee from chains from time to time.

 The White Cross Pub

The pub looks modern too with huge windows and a lot of light and beautiful paintings. But it still has original features. I’m glad I’ve discovered it, by chance, looking on google maps while in the area.

 The White Cross Pub

The pub is on Quarry Rd, Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 4XT. It has free parking, but it can be busy.

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  1. This pub looks so cosy and lovely! Can’t believe it was that old! Great that they still keep the old stuffs to make It very rustic.

  2. This looks like such a lovely place! I’m a sucker for places with water views and a good coffee, I bet this place would be so cosy in the winter!

    Sarah 🙂

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