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Christmas is approaching fast, but I like to take a bit of time to reminisce on my holiday in Brighton last month. I already shared a few posts from it, the vegan lunch at Happy Maki, the vegetarian lunch at Terre à Terre, and I talked about my visit to the amazing Royal Pavilion. This is a picture heavy post, to showcase a few other attractions in Brighton. Enjoy the pictures from the Brighton Palace Pier, the city, and Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

Brighton from the pier

Brighton Palace Pier

Entrance to the Brighton Palace Pier

Inside the Brighton Palace Pier

View of the city from the pier



churros in front of the pier

the pier at sunset

the pier at night

the art museum

display in the museum

Victorian dresses on display

Queer fashion

Asian art

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery


Brighton, a picture from the city

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  1. Brighton is an amazing city. There’s a lot to see around there, and I loved exploring the little independent shops and cafés. Of course being near the seaside is also wonderful – though the weather must be pretty harsh a lot of the time!

    Julia x

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