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Painting Classes with The Paint Republic

Today I’m going to talk about painting classes with The Paint Republic. My husband and I were invited to one of the painting classes held by The Paint Republic. I don’t think I ever talked about this before, but I’ve painted as a hobby in the past. I stopped for lack of actual talent, much to the delight of the family (who were supposed to say I’m great when they were receiving one of my masterpieces, all were tucked away from sight though). Anyway, I was eager to try painting again and this time actually learning how to paint (I wasn’t that bothered about it before).

Painting Classes with The Paint Republic

These are our pieces of art, displayed in our spare bedroom. We’ve made fun of how they turned out, but after looking at them for a couple of days, we thought they are actually good enough to display. I think they look great, colourful, both similar and different.

Now lets talk about the classes. The Paint Republic have events for people who want to unleash their creativity and have fun at the same time. The ticket covers the price of the event, including all the materials. Drinks and food can be ordered from the location the event is held at. We’ve been to The Baltic Social, a lovely place with friendly staff and good prices.

They have classes all over UK, in Liverpool, London, Chester, North Wales, in Shropshire and Bath.

We picked our seats, the music was on and we’ve started painting. On display is a finished painting, so we can see what we are going to paint. I have to admit I though it’s just a model because it couldn’t be possible to paint something so complicated in only 2 hours. Well, as you saw from the first picture, we did. The painting is inspired by the William Morris wallpapers.

Painting Classes with The Paint Republic

The Paint Republic hosts private events, for fundraising, corporate events or private Hen and birthday party celebrations.

Painting Classes with The Paint Republic

We’ve started to paint with step-by-step guide from a professional artist. These are a few steps. It was fun and relaxing. We’ve got lots of encouragement and we both enjoyed it a lot.

Painting Classes with The Paint Republic

I was expecting my husband to take a lot of pictures of me, but we were both so engaged in painting that we didn’t think of taking more pictures.

Painting Classes with The Paint Republic

As you can see, I was really involved in painting and I managed to cover myself in colour. It’s good we put the cute purple aprons on.

Painting Classes with The Paint Republic

It was so much fun. I would love to try it again, they have new paintings and that is fab, because it means it can be done again, learn more and add new paintings on what it will be our private gallery.

*Invited for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. i’m quite jealous. i wish i could paint and or draw. i’ve got an uncle and an aunt that are so good they’ve shown their art in galleries, but i can’t even do a stick man. great review.

  2. I had no idea such classes really existed, looks great. I would love to try one of these!

  3. Oh wow you really did create some masterpieces! Love it! Looks like fun these sessions. Will have to have a look to see if they have them close to me x

  4. What do you mean, lack of talent? I’m really impressed! Definitely better than I could do! Love the vivid red, very striking!

  5. These look great! It sounds like fun too. I’m enjoying getting back into crafts this year (in fact, I’ve just bought myself some watercolour paints). I’ll have to check out The Paint Republic, especially as they do classes in Shropshire as I’m not too far away from there.

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