Nantclwyd y Dre

Nantclwyd y Dre is the oldest timber town house in Wales. The house was dated using the method described in the picture below. It was very interesting to learn about it, as I had no idea it’s possible to pin point the exact date when the tree was cut down. The house has so much […]

Ruthin Gaol (prison)

I’ve seen a very interesting special episode at Time Team about old gaol and the life of the prisoners, so I was keen to visit the Ruthin Gaol. Loved it! The staff is helpful and nice. One of the ladies had a lovely welsh accent, quite rare, at least in this part of Wales. The […]

Bodnant Garden

On Wednesday we’ve been to Conwy where the lady from Aberconwy house told us the Laburnum Arch is in bloom. The restaurant we wanted to go to was closed during the day, so we’ve decided to visit the garden instead. The garden is huge and it’s lovely to walk along the path or get on […]


Yesterday was a lovely day and we’ve decided to get a few hours off and go to North Wales. We’ve started in Conwy where we’ve visited the Toll house and the Suspended bridge, the Aberconwy house. After that we’ve went to Bodnant Gardens, but that will be in another post, tomorrow or the day after. […]

Lightnight 2014

Friday was Lightnight in Liverpool. We usually go to this event, we’ve been in 2012 and 2013. Last year wasn’t as interesting as 2012, so I had lower expectations. I was wrong! This year was lovely! We’ve started with Black-E, where we saw the Shotokan demonstration, the Freefall circus and an Indian dance. Hubby has […]


I’m very found of birds of prey. Two years ago I hold for the first time an owl, a tawny owl… Pippin. This year I had the pleasure to hold that same bird!! I must admit I didn’t recognize it, but when the owner told me his name I knew it was the same owl. […]

Chedworth Roman Villa

Chedworth Roman Villa is the largest Roman ruin within UK. It was built in the 4th century and it had a lot of additions and the very impressive Roman technology. The Villa was discovered 150 years ago by a Victorian gamekeeper. As it is so far from us, is unlikely that we’ll have a chance […]

Crocodiles zoo

I love crocodiles! They are amazing creatures, real survivors, great predators, with incredible abilities. After seeing on TV about the crocodile zoo, Crocodiles of the world, I had to go. Loved everything, the enclosures look nice and the staff is enthusiastic. This reptile, a lace monitor, was so active. He was going up the tree […]

Camping trip

This weekend we’ve been camping, taking advantage of the bank holiday and we had some things to do there anyway. I found a nice camping site near Ascot, less than an hour from London (commuter’s dream 😀 😀 ). I’m very happy with our new tent. We had another one, but that one was smaller […]