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This Halloween was strange and that should be a good thing for a Halloween, isn’t it? I’ve pained my face with green makeup but with the flash is not that visible. And no lipstick for a more horror look 😀

We stayed at home even thou we’ve received a lovely invitation to a Halloween party. As we are renovating the house and working at the same time, I thought we’ll not be able to make it. I was right declining the invitation as we’ve finished work at 6 and the place is at a 30-40 min drive.

We’ve made the best in this situation, we had treats:



Love the scream loaf, it has a very interesting texture.

We’ve decorated the house (pictures from outside as the house it’s a mess, still have a lot of things in the wrong rooms as we have to fit some kitchen cupboards and some more furniture):





We carved a pumpkin:





At least there were a few kids with trick or treats. My favourite were 3 girls dressed as witches and they loved my outfit too. I think my favourite part of Halloween is to see the kids in costumes asking for treats. They are so cute.

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  1. Your outfit is great, and so are the decorations! I love Halloween too, especially seeing all of the children in their costumes. One year I didn’t have any sweets to give the children so I gave them fruit and biscuits. They looked very disappointed. Never give children fruit on Halloween!! Haha!

    1. Thank you Candy xo
      I was thinking of fruits and homemade desserts (with less sugar), but, as you said, they would have been disappointed. I tell myself that it’s only a day, so they can eat healthy the rest of the year.

  2. Pai gata, s-a cam dus anul. Urmeaza Craciunul, ale carui decoratii le iubesc. Oricat de comercial ar fi, ramane sarbatoarea mea preferata! 🙂

    1. Ehh, pana la Craciun mai e Bonfire night (maine), ziua mea (pe 14), aniversarea de cand l-am luat pe caine (gotcha day, 23 dec, sarbatorim in fiecare an 🙂 ) si apoi Craciunul 🙂 E una din sarbatorile mele preferate, de abia astept sa punem bradul saptamana viitoare 😀

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