My blog through the years

I started my blog ancaslifestyle 5 years ago and through the years I had a few design changes. As this year I made another change, I had a look back and I’ve decided to talk about how my blog changed and evolved in this period.

My blog through the years

The designs do look rather different, although the logo is similar in the last 4 changes.


This is the first design, from November 2011 and until 2014. My blog was on blogspot and I didn’t have all the categories I have now. In 2011 and 2012 I was blogging only about lifestyle, places I visited and different celebrations. The aim was to keep in touch with family and friends. By 2013 I was starting to loose the interest in blogging as I was communicating on social media more than on my blog. Hence in 2013 I have only a few posts, 35 in total comparing to almost 80 the year before.


In 2014 I discovered the blogging community, I started following other bloggers regularly. It was not only a way to talk with old friends, but a way to make new ones. As my focus changed, I needed a new platform, so I moved to my own domain and went self-hosted.  From 2014 I had a design change every year.


2015 was the turning point. The design change wasn’t huge, I just left the purple out. It was a hard choice to make, as I love purple.
I made accounts on twitter and Instagram. It was also the year when I went to my first blogging event and then to another and another one. It was amazing, talking with other bloggers and brands I might not have heard of before. I’ve posted 204 times during that year, I made goals. It was so exciting and it still is. I also made my new food blog, CookStyle.


In 2016 my design changed again, by having less categories, but using sub-categories and removing the icons of the categories. A more clean look, the social media buttons are easier to find. I’ve decided to rearrange my social media accounts so I have only one account on each channel for both blogs as a way to make my life easier. I posted almost 200 articles last year.
I made challenges like the Reading challenge, the monthly visits to farms and monthly reviews. All these made my life better, now I read more, much more, I love going to farms, especially during pick-your-own season. Making monthly reviews was interesting too. I use products and I love talking about them or I got new products to try and that was exciting. I ended up doing more reviews than I planned, 20 instead of 12.


This year, 2017, brought another change with it. A new design, more minimalist, but keeping the same idea I started with in 2014. This is my 39th post this year and I can only imagine I will write more as more things will start happening in Spring-Summer.

Do you blog? How often do you change your design?

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  1. I have been blogging since the year 1998, and even though that’s a long time to blog, I have stopped blogging here and there due to various reasons i.e. getting bored and not knowing what to say. Anyways, I actually deleted my blog back in 2012 or 2013 as I had absolutely no idea what to write about as my life was just dull at that time. In 2014, I had brought my blog back as I knew my life was taking a turn for the better. I was starting college. Also, I kind of knew that there were other things to blog about besides my life.

    At the moment, I am stuck between blogging ideas. For instance, my blog is made up of my life and my art as well as reviewing books as I love to read. Anyways, I am just not sure at the moment if I should just stick to one topic or incorporate all three. What do you think?

    By the way, I love the new design and this idea is encouraging me to do the same (of course, I will give credit to you for coming up with the idea itself!).

    1. I think you should incorporate all three. Books and art go together nicely. For me, this is the beauty of a lifestyle blog, I can read on the same blog a post about makeup, a restaurant or an amazing book. It’s exciting and interesting.
      I’m delighted to know that I’ve inspired you, thank you so much for your words. xx Please send me your link when the blog is up, I would love to see it.

  2. I almost blog for five year this May. Can’t believe how time passes. I think I change a theme every year when I’m over blogger. After pop over to WordPress and bought a theme, I have not change it as it was quite expensive to buy! Love your latest design as they are much cleaner.

  3. I love how the changes are very subtle so it’s still like your blog, I kind of did that will my blog too.

    Corinne x

  4. That’s really interesting to see how things have developed and grown, you should be really proud of what you’ve achieved with your blog! x

  5. Aww, I also get nostalgic over my blog’s design throughout the years. Recently, I’ve scoured my photobucket to look at my previous self-made layouts and they were awful. I’m glad we all grow as bloggers!
    I really like your first layout! It has personality in it. I also love your consistency in background.

  6. Ooh look at that sassy photo of you on the first one! So pretty!
    I think I can remember most of these…so perhaps I’ve been reading longer that I thought.
    Always funny to look back on old layouts. I’ve had SO many.


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