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Lawn update

In the middle of September I sow grass seeds hoping it will be enough time for the grass to grow before moving in. It was tricky sowing so late and only a couple of days after removing the concrete slabs. The soil is not the best and it was another issue to worry about. We’ve made little preparations to the soil before sowing.

I’m so happy with the result. What we have in the back garden can be classified as lawn. This picture was taken yesterday, a little over 5 weeks after sowing the seeds.

after 5 weeks

In March I will sow again lawn seeds, same brand – Verve. Before buying the lawn seeds I had no idea there are so many types, the one that was best for us was: Family Lawn Seeds. The grass should be thicker, more durable, but at the same time it needs more sun and water. As the garden is sunny, it was the perfect choice.

From what I’ve read, the fact that we have magpies in the garden doesn’t help. Initially I thought they are after the grass seeds, but in fact they are looking for some type of worn. Well, we’ll have to hope the grass will be resistant to our “neighbors”, as they can do some damage. I’ll have to look into garden birds (I plan to have a bird feeder and maybe a nesting box) and see their requirements.


A few days after sowing, the grass started to appear, see Soon to be lawn.

after 2 weeks and a half

The lawn after 2 weeks and a half.

after 4 weeks

after 4 weeks

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  1. I was on the verge of giving up on our lawn as it was growing patchy and taking forever, so was thinking artificial grass although i do prefer fresh grass the smelll and feel, so i read and followed yours and kept going and yes we have a nice young green lawn , im out there still everyday checking it for weeds

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