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I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 11 years and my husband eats meat-free as well. So you wouldn’t expect us to go to a place that is called Beefeater for dinner, would you? Well, it all started in our holiday up north last month, we were near a Beefeater and we had a look at their menu. We didn’t go that day because we’ve had a huge lunch and we didn’t want to overeat. But we wanted to try something from their menu that was looking fab in pictures on their website, their vegan burger.

In the end, we went to one of our local Beefeater pubs when we were back from the holiday. As it was a weekday, we took advantage of their fixed price menu. This offer is available after 6:30pm Monday to Thursday. It is £12.49 for 2 Courses and £14.49 for 3 courses. Considering that only the vegan burger is £11.49, the offer is good value for money. The only vegetarian option for starter was a soup, so we’ve decided to get only the two course menu, with mains and desserts.

Vegan burger at Beefeater

For mains we both had the Vegan Burger with BBQ Soya. It is a soya & wheat burger, topped with BBQ pulled soya and burger sauce. Served in a toasted brioche style bun with fries and a salad. In the picture on the website it had a bit more pulled soya, but the burger was delicious anyway.

My husband wanted French fries and I wanted chips, we were both delighted with the food. It arrived fast and it was delicious. I’d gladly have one of these vegan burgers again (and again).

Caramel Apple Betty

For dessert, my husband picked Caramel Apple Betty, drizzled with delicious caramel sauce and served with custard. It was really nice.

Warm Chocolate Brownie

I picked the Warm Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice cream and a rich chocolate sauce. It was delicious too. I think I liked mine better, maybe because it had chocolate.

We both enjoyed our evening at Beefeater. The staff was very friendly and the food arrived fast. It was a bit crowded, so I didn’t take any pictures inside the pub. The only thing I would have liked to be different was to have some good vegan mayo and tomato sauce to go with the burger and the chips. The waitress brought some ketchup, but I don’t like the taste of that and with pub food becoming more and more posh, some tomato sauce made on site is not difficult to make. Although this wouldn’t put me off having a meal there again. As I said, i did enjoy my vegan burger and the dessert was lovely too.

Have you tried the vegan burger at Beefeater?

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  1. I wouldn’t have expected to find too many vegan options at somewhere called ‘Beefeater’ indeed – but looks like good vegan burgers are popping up everywhere these days!

  2. We have one near us but I haven’t eaten at once since I was a teen. The burger sounds good!!

  3. The burger looks so good. I’ve only had one vegan burger in manchester and it was amazing!

    Corinne x

  4. That looks delicious! I’m always wary of a vegan burger since so many are made using mushrooms, which I don’t care for. I enjoy soy versions, as well as black bean, lentil, chickpea, or the like.

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