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Trinity Term

Trinity Term is the third and last term at Oxford and this is also the last term for my course. I’m a bit sad it is over because I enjoyed it so much. Now I am waiting for the results, but that will take a few weeks. I already have plans but I will share them when it’s appropriate.

This term the libraries were open which was great, besides using the very useful online books and articles available at Bodleian. I will give a quick update of what happened this term.

Trinity Term

Trinity Term – My weekly schedule:

It was very similar to before, but I did manage to organise by work better. Besides two essays, I also had revisions and, of course, the exams this week.
Because we learned online, I was able to listen to lectures again and that was very helpful, both for essays and exams.

Trinity Term – How much I read:

This term I studied only British History, the 20th century. I did not read a lot of books, but mostly chapters and a lot of articles too.

I hope that I will be able to visit some museums, but the ones that were relevant are still closed, so that was a bit of a shame. For example, I would have liked to visit the U-boat, which is about 30 minutes from where I live, and, while I didn’t write an essay on WWII, it would have been interesting nonetheless.


Trinity Term – Firsts for me:

The most hilarious thing happened this term. I got up in the middle of the night and wrote down a note, the one you see here: “WWI – votes!”. This is funny for so many reasons, first of all I wrote the note without my glasses on or the light on, so it’s pretty great that I wrote on the notepad and not on the bed-stand. Also, I wrote it in English. I’m wondering if I dream in English or, most likely, my dreams are a mix of Romanian and English. Either way it’s funny.

The point that I dreamed of, the expanding of the franchise after WWI, was great and my tutor commented on that in the essay, which was about the Labour government after WWII. I was drawing a comparison between the aftermath of WWI and WWII. The previous notes on the paper are written before going to sleep, in English, because I only made notes in English for the last 7-8 years if not more.


Course ending

At the end of the term we had the final virtual get-together and this is my blue cocktail with edible flowers, made for the occasion.
It’s such a shame we couldn’t do this in person, but maybe we will have the chance later in the year, maybe in September.

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  1. I mostly write things down in my notebooks or in my planners in English. I don’t know why, but for me English was always a ‘writing’ language, that is, I always found writing in it to be easy. When it comes to thinking and planning, I sometimes think in English as well. The way we use languages is an interesting subject. I think people don’t realize that it is not something written in stone. People may have one or more ‘dominant’ languages and this can change with years and sometimes within months or weeks. What is our ‘dominant’ language today may not be tomorrow. Our mother tongue is always our mother tongue, but sometimes it is not in the foreground. It is such a fascinating subject. I’m definitely a proponent of language learning. I think it makes sense to learn a language even if we may not take it to the next level. It’s always nice to learn something new.
    Ivana Split recently posted…11 WAYS TO STYLE A LBDMy Profile

    1. I agree that learning a new language is fun, even if it’s just to understand a movie in that language or read a short novel.

  2. I keep a tiny pad of sticky notes next to my bed along with a pencil. It’s mainly for reminders for the next day when I don’t want to get back out of bed in the evening, but on occasion I’ve woken up during the night and felt the need to jot something down. I’m always just proud if it’s legible! You did quite well with yours!!

    I look forward to hearing your plans!
    Kelly recently posted…Dog Stamps QuiltMy Profile

  3. I’m doing my first ever online learning course (through MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art), and I’m loving it! I am auditing, as it’s not for work (just for my own interest) and I don’t need a certificate or the stress of writing papers…and auditing it is free. It’s an interesting way to learn, since I did all of my formal education (up to 2000) in classrooms.

    Love your pretty cocktail with your flower petals – I use metal straws too!

    Lol at your note to yourself. My husband likes to scrawl down notes and I find things like that all over our house – I also write down what he says when he talks in his sleep. One such note was about a “man behind the piano” – we don’t have a piano (and neither of us play!). He had no clue what he might have been dreaming about!

    Have a great weekend, Anca! 🙂

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