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Baavet Wool Filled Pillows

In November, my husband and I bought a pair of Baavet Wool Filled Pillows from a fair we’ve been to. Our pillows needed changing, so we’ve decided to spend a bit more money on something better. I think it’s worth investing in items we are going to use for a long time, daily. Have a look on their website ( if you want to know more information about the products or fancy one yourself. As we got them from a fair, we had a discount, but I think the pillows worth their price tag (over £30 each, without any discounts). I noticed there is a sale now, so you might get a bargain.

Baavet Wool Filled Pillow on the bed

I would never buy feather pillows, but wool pillows sounded great. I saw this brand before and I really liked the idea. The pillows are filled with tiny balls of wool. One of the best things about these pillows with wool is that wool regulates heat, the same as it does on the sheep.
The wool used in these pillows is not bleached. Another important factor for me, in deciding if I should get them or not, was the fact that they are made in Britain. Except the cotton, that comes from abroad, but that is made into fabric in UK, all the other materials are local. I’m more than happy to pay a bit extra for this.

Baavet Wool Filled Pillows. Filling.

This is how the wool balls look like. A great thing about these pillows is that you can wash them, as the wool can be taken out. They sell wool balls, so, in time, you can add more wool balls if you think is necessary.

Their pillows come in three weights. I got a medium one and my husband has the firm one. If, by any chance you think you need a firmer pillow, you can add wool balls. I love that, having the flexibility to make my pillows as I like them.

Baavet Wool Filled Pillows. Filling

I took the wool balls out once and washed the pillow cover. I also took the opportunity to fluff up the wool. It takes a bit of time, obviously.

According to the instructions the pillows came with, the pillows need fluffing up each day. I do that in the mornings, when I make the bed. Takes less than a minute to do it. With flat palms, I tap the outside edge of the pillow.
On dry sunny days the pillows can be left outside, to keep the wool fresh and clean. I’m yet to do that, but I will do it in the summer. A couple of hours left in the conservatory with the doors open should be enough.

Baavet Wool Filled Pillows

I’m very happy with my pillows and I would recommend them to anybody. Probably the next ones I’m going to buy will be filled with wool and from the same company.

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  1. They look so fluffy and soft! I didn’t even realise you could get wool-filled pillows but they sound great! x

  2. I’ve been trying to find some decent pillows for years! I keep buying cheap ones and they just lose their shape so quickly. I don’t even know what they’re filled with! These sound like they’re worth the investment.

  3. They look lovely and soft! I can’t buy them as anything wool sets off my asthma. Same goes for feather pillows so I’m stuck with rubbish man made fibres instead.

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