January 2021

January is Veganuary. While this does not influence my diet at all, being almost vegan (with the exception of honey, but I rarely do eat that anyway), it had a huge impact in the number of things, as I could buy lots and lots of new things from the supermarkets. M&S Food was amazing, like […]

Frost burgers

Frost Burgers

I thought I will not be able to review a restaurant as we are in lockdown, but, then I thought that reviewing takeaway is just as good. We’ve been getting food from Frost Burgers for a few months. Their burgers are amazing, we both love them. We are too far for delivery, so we always […]

The Vegan Kind. January Box

The Vegan Kind. January Box

I hope that you are curious about the subscription box from The Vegan Kind. In January I received the lifestyle box as the beauty one is every other month. I was surprised by some of the things in the box, mainly because I bought them in December. This is the box. The only non-food item […]


Goals for 2021

I hope 2021 will be a more predictable year than 2020. Even so, I will set up some goals, even if I will not be able to achieve them. The goals are in three categories: blogs, personal, and travel. Goals for 2021: Blogs 1. Post regularly. My goal is to post all book reviews on […]

My TBR List #1

My TBR List #1

I had some list of what I plan to read last year and I want to continue the same this year. This is the first My TBR List of the year. I am not sure if I will read all the books or not, it depends on how much time I have, what I need […]


Goals for 2020. How I did

I talked about my 2020, today I’m going to talk about goals I set up at the beginning of 2020 and a review of what I managed to achieve (or not). Some of the things I planed couldn’t happen because of the pandemic, obviously. Even so, I was able to achieve most of my goals, […]


My 2020, by month

Many people complain about 2020, but I don’t think it was a bad year, overall. The pandemic was not unlikely considering that we are pressing into wildlife habitat that we are highly interconnected with, hence it was not inevitable. For a pandemic, it could have been much worse, when the death rate is less than […]