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C’est la vie

I was delighted to be invited to join the latest campaign organized by lights by TENA. The campaign is called C’est la vie, a perfect name for the idea behind it, as it’s about the Oooops moments™.

C'est la vie

Lights by TENA has sent me a lovely kit with foolproof solutions, easy to sort out everyday issues, issues that can be annoying, but not that difficult to solve. I was intrigued about the kit as I usually make my own sort of kits for certain issues.

I’ll start by talking about my kits. I’ve made a “basic needs” kit and I have one in every handbag I own: a pack of napkins; hair clips and hair elastics in 2-3 different colours to suit what I might wear and one close to my hair colour; 1-2 wipes for glasses (very good to wipe the screen and the camera of the phone); 2 pens; business cards; chewing gum and a pad, so I’m prepared if it happens to get my period while I’m out. Before I leave home I would add a few more essentials like the lipstick I’m wearing that day, a comb (I do comb my hair if I’m away for more than 3-4 hours), a small mirror.

I have another kit for the dog, in the car. This kit contains a tennis ball, a pack of napkins, an antibacterial hand wash, doggy bags and lots of balloons. Festus will play with the balloons and we have lots of toys without taking a lot of space in the car. I have an additional kit in the boot with the same things. When we leave, I will also take one of his towels, his traveling bowl, water, leads and collars (2 of each) and more toys if we need them.


The kit I received from lights by TENA is fab and it came in a gorgeous bag that I will definitely use often.

Nail polish remover pads. I had a similar product before and it’s so helpful. Especially when I’m attending a fair, I will use a bright nail polish and a small chip will be visible. I will keep this item in my handbag or in the car, just to be sure I can remove all the nail polish instead of hiding my hands.

Dress&lingerie tapes. I had no idea they existed, but now I think it changed my life. I love a little bit of cleavage, but I don’t want to show more that was intended. I can’t wait to try this tape on one of my dresses.

Sewing kit. I have a sewing kit at home, although considering I have a sewing machine and a few things for it, it’s more than a basic kit. I was happy to see this one, as I wanted to get one for the caravan. While camping a sewing kit can prove to be vital, especially as I can’t take my whole wardrobe with me and small repairs might be needed.

Fixing mist for makeup. On a hot day, a fixing mist for makeup must be useful. I never tried it, but I will these days.

Anti-static spray. I have a skirt that is so comfortable, but the static makes it annoying to wear. I hope this spray will solve this issue. The spray should also help on a windy day, to keep the skirt/dress in its place and not revealing all. I can’t wait to try this and I don’t think I’ll have to wait for long as we get lots of windy days in Liverpool.

The next item is a gradual tan cream. I can’t say I would use it as I don’t particularly want to get tan and I avoid it as much as I can.

lights by TENA liners for those Oooops moments™. This is a delicate subject and not a lot of women might be comfortable talking about it. It’s also strange that we are so reluctant of talking about this, as 1 in 3 women are experiencing light bladder weakness at some point. I was surprised to see this as I though it’s not that common. I saw the C’est la vie clip on youtube, it’s fun and I think that is the right attitude. A lot of things can go wrong, but with a little bit of preparation, we can do anything we want.
If you want to try them, there are free samples available, more details at lights by TENA.

Purifying cloths. These cleansing wipes can be used for removing makeup and also for wiping things like deodorant marks on dark tops. Another product I will use when I’m at job related fairs. I have to look spotless and these will be very handy.

*Post in collaboration with lights by TENA

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  1. I think all women have a ‘kit’ of sorts in their handbag but this is a great one to make sure you’re prepared for every eventuality

  2. This is a great kit. I do have something similar in my handbag. I call it my mum kit but i don’t tend to have Tena in there usually a host of wipes for body and toilet and tissues, anti bac gel etc #LIML

  3. It’s a good idea, but surely if you have an ‘Ooops’ moment you don’t know it’s coming, so how would you know to prepare for it? It might be better to do lots of pelvic floor exercises to prevent it happening in the first place.

  4. What an awesome kit! This is all the type of stuff I think I have in my handbag, then I start rummaging and realise it’s just crumpled up receipts, empty packets, and pens that don’t work! 🙂 #LIML

  5. You received so many wonderful goodies! I would use all of them for sure! Looking forward to your next post!


  6. Love the Dress & lingerie tapes and the whole idea of having a little kit. I used Tena months following having my son last year. It is the only brand I tried and still highly recommend.

  7. I’d be happy to receive this lovely little kit, I love the little sewing kit, it matches my other crafting stuff from John Lewis!

  8. You’re so organised! I really need a kit with hair bands & grips in – they’re something I so often forget to have with me! The Tena kit sounds great too. I love having mini sewing kits to hand – so useful! The static spray sounds interesting too. Never used one, but got some skirts it would be useful for! I haven’t worn anything it would be needed for in so long now I have toddlers & am never glamorous, but I did use to love dress tape – it’s so good! & definitely good to have around in an emergency! (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

  9. What a lovely little kit to keep you feeling positive – I love how discrete tena are these days as well.

  10. What an interesting, and useful kit! The mini sewing kit in particular would be useful for me, I’m forever catching my clothes on screws or splinters in work. The bag itself is really nice too!

  11. I am pleased to say I am yet to have an oooops moment that would require tena lady but I might get some samples so I’m ready in case x

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