I don’t like cleaning, it’s a chore and I don’t enjoy it at all. I would rather spend my time cooking or sewing. This is why my husband and I arranged our home to be as easy to maintain as possible considering we both work from home and we have a dog too. We’ve bought a carpet cleaner, a powerful Dyson vacuum cleaner, our furniture has lots of doors to hide from dust as much as we can. I also use as many cute storage boxes as I can. I was delighted to hear about Hassle cleaning service* in Liverpool. What I like most about the service is that it can be used regularly or as a one-time thing.


Even though my home is as mess-free as possible, sometimes when we have to work long hours there isn’t any time for cleaning. In those situations I would like a flexible service. Hassle has vetted cleaners that are interviewed by them and checked by a third party. Another great thing about them is that the cleaner can be paid online with debit/credit card, after the clean was made. Furthermore, there isn’t a contract or monthly fees and you can manage everything online.
The cleaners are self-employed and they get work as close to their homes as possible. I looked on the booking system and I can choose a cleaner that is ok with pets.

For an one-off clean the fee is £12/hour, this is the service I would use. The fee for repeat cleans is £10/hour. In Liverpool, their services include kitchen cleaning, oven cleaning, spring cleaning, deep cleaning, ironing and so on. The cleaners are reviewed by other hassle customers. Before booking, you can choose to remove a cleaner from the shortlist if you wish to do so. After the booking is made, the first cleaner form the shortlist to respond will get the job. I think the system is great.

The story behind the service is lovely. The company started in 2011 while one of the co-founders was trying to find a piano teacher online. Teddle was launched as a platform for finding different services. As the demand for home cleaning grew, Teddle was re-branded into Hassle, as an online cleaning marketplace.

* Post in Collaboration with Hassle.

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  1. Hi Anca

    We’re in Liverpool too and it’s always good to hear about what other similar companies are up to. Great that you recommend them, we’ll give them a call if a customers asks us for cleaning (we only do floors).

  2. Hi Anca, sometimes it’s nice to have the professional touch at home, just to get those out of reach places. Great to encourage local services too! Keep up the great posts! (=

  3. I had a cleaner in our old house and it was amazing! We’ve not had one for a while now but it’s definitely something I want to get back as it saved so much time! This service sounds great 🙂

  4. I really enjoy cleaning – but if I was to ever go on tour again I would definitely hire one to clean up after Matt! I wouldn’t trust him to keep the flat tidy!

  5. This sounds great! I would love a cleaner but I have trust issues having strangers in my house!! :/

  6. What a great service, it sounds good that you don’t have to sign up and can use the service as and when you need it.

  7. Eurgh. I can’t bear cleaning – there are SO many better things to do with the little spare time I have! If it came down to a cleaning service or a piece of clothing, I’d pick the cleaning service every time! x

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