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It’s time for a round-up of the things I visited in Cardiff and, of course, to share some new pictures from the city. All the links in this post are towards other posts of mine, published previously.

Cardiff - What to do

Cardiff – What to do

In Cardiff we were able to race each other on a well-known track – Silverstone – in F3 cars (a bit slower, so more appropriate for the first try), using VR! It was such a different experience. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that I love racing and I’ve raced in simulators before, but never with VR. After finishing our short session I was feeling dizzy. It was a very realistic experience with moving sits and I loved it. We popped into the neighbouring cafe for refreshments as we were really needing those. The cafe was not part of a chain and it was nicely decorated, but I didn’t take pictures, as I was still dizzy and didn’t think about it.

Another thing we’ve tried and enjoyed a lot was miniature golf. We planned to do only one course, but my husband won a free go-again card, so I paid for the second course. They gave me my student discount and upgraded, so I paid as much as I would have if I was booking both courses in the beginning, how lovely was that? It was entertaining and busy enough to make it interesting, but without having to wait for a long time for the track to clear.

Cardiff - where to eat. Collage with two dishes

Cardiff – Where to eat

My husband and I had two lovely meals in Cardiff, one at a vegan restaurant called Anna Loka and another one, in a working prison, at Clink. I would highly recommend both of them.

Cardiff - What to see

Cardiff – What to see

In Cardiff centre there are three attractions: Cardiff Castle, National Museum of Cardiff, and the small, but free Museum of Cardiff. The bottom two pictures in the collage above are from there. It’s in the city centre, so worth stopping by as it takes about 20 minutes to see.

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay is lovely and during the summer months must be amazing. Even on a rainy day it looked nice. The Wales Millennium Centre is there, but we didn’t visit. Other things to see include Techniquest – a Science Museum; The Senedd – main public building of the National Assembly; Pierhead – the red building in the picture, now a museum.

Norwegian Church

The Norwegian Church was very interesting to see. Luckily it is a place where people can buy some locally made handmade items, have a slice of cake and a drink, and learn a bit more about the history of the people who used the church. I bought a cute reindeer decoration for Christmas from there. I hope it will remain like this and it will not end up as an outlet for a chain of a fast food company nor a chain of coffee shops (both are possibilities from what I’ve read in a newspaper).

Cardiff - What to visit nearby

Nearby Cardiff there are three must see attractions: Tredegar House, Big Pit, and St Fagans Museum. All of them worth a visit. Tredegar is a lovely National Trust property, at Big Pit you can take a free underground tour of a coal mine, and at St Fagans you can see real homes and properties from all over Wales, rebuilt on site. It’s an astonishing place.

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  1. I love Cardiff Bay, it’s such a nice area and I love the mix of architectures there. Once I actually took a boat from there to the other side of the city, and it was a lot of fun! The restaurant options you tried seem lovely 🙂

    Julia x

  2. I agree with Jeanie… Cardiff should thank you for this glowing review of the city.

    The food looks delicious! I always think it’s fun to play miniature golf, even though I’m terrible at it!

  3. What a wonderful holiday! Cardiff should bottle your wonderful posts as a big thank you and tell the world!

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