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What’s cooking #5

In July I had two posts about food, the traditional What’s cooking and How to prepare a fancy Afternoon tea at home, so I’ve decided to skip August.

01 What's cooking
Baked waffles with fresh raspberries and date nectar. I don’t like honey, so I usually swap it for date nectar, it has the same consistency, but a different taste.

02 What's cooking
Another breakfast, baked waffles again with homemade strawberry and blueberry jam and a summer fruits smoothie.

03 What's cooking
Courgette chilli with fried halloumi. I liked the combination.

04 What's cooking
Pavlova with shop-bought meringue, lots of whipped cream and summer fruits on top. It’s so easy to make. I put hardly any sugar in the cream as the meringue is sweet. I wash and cut the fruits and then left them on a kitchen towel for half an hour to remove the excess water. It was delicious. I wanted to bake my own meringue, but I’m not sure I will, as it’s so much easier to get a shop-bough and making at home doesn’t make any difference.

Jacket potato with baked beans and a little bit of cheese on top.

I also tried Konjac pasta. It has a funny texture, I don’t like it. I still have a pack of pasta to try, but I don’t think I can do something that I would like as the texture is the problem.
Konjac is a low calorie pasta that should help in a diet. I don’t avoid carbs and never did, even when I was loosing weight. But, I wanted to try this pasta. I don’t think it’s a good alternative as it’s chewy. I think the pasta made out of veggies is a much better way to cut out the calories. I had courgette and sweet potato pasta and I loved both of them, they add their flavour, but it’s subtle.

What did you cook lately?

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  1. Oooh, I’d love the recipe for the courgette chilli!!! I really adore pavlova but I’ve never made it!!! Why??? Your food always looks so sumptuous! I’m missing watching Bakeoff as you bow need a tv license for watching any I-player!

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