Liverpool Halloween Lantern Carnival

When I saw that Liverpool Halloween Lantern Carnival is happening this weekend, I wanted to go. The lanterns were created by The Lantern Company and is not the first time they created shows like this. I’ve been to two other parades made by them, the one in Sefton park for Halloween five years ago and […]

Gifts for Christmas at Metquarter

Gifts for Christmas at Metquarter

It’s almost November. While I always wait until the middle of November, after my birthday, to actually buy things for Christmas, I like to look and think of ideas. I was delighted to be invited at the Christmas Press Day to see all the fab gifts for Christmas at Metquarter. If you are from Liverpool, […]

Autumnal reads

This month I’m blogging about Autumnal books, all the books I’ve read this month. Some are more obvious Autumnal than others, but I think all of them are lovely to read on a colder day with a blanket and a hot tea (or any kind of beverages you fancy). I mentioned in the last book […]



I was delighted to be asked to join in the newest campaign by lightsbyTENA* called TENATalk. The campaign aimes to give us the power to have an honest discussion about our problems, with friends and close family members. 36 percent of women said they would not talk about bladder weakness with their friends and family. […]


At BlogOn this year, I was invited to play Staccups against Rebecca @ becster. She won, obviously, I said I will have to “practice” and maybe win next time. So, I was delighted to be sent a game by University Games*. The Staccups game is easy and really entertaining. It can be played by 2 […]

New iPhone SE

After looking for a new phone for a few months, I finally decided to get an iPhone SE. This is my first iPhone, so it will take a while to get used to it. I chose iPhone SE, see more details on apple, because is a new-ish model. The phone was released in March last […]

Primark Slippers

Primark Slippers

Talking about Primark Slippers on a fashion post might be a bit crazy. I’m delighted with the new purchases and I want to share them. Maybe some of my readers want to buy some funny looking slippers and I might inspire them. Another reason for adding the “Style” tag is that it doesn’t fit in […]

The Alyn

This month we’ve picked a welsh pub for lunch. We went out with work stuff and we’ve stopped by The Alyn, in Rossett, North Wales. We were hungry, so we’ve decided to have lunch too and not only a couple of coffees. The Alyn Riverside Country Pub is close to river Alyn, hence the name. […]

The Little Book of LYKKE

In August I finished a book by Meik Wiking called The Little Book of Hygge, review in “Curently reading”. I think most people know this book. It’s a must read for all bloggers. You might not know though that he published a new book last month entitled The Little Book of LYKKE. The Danish search […]