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Blogging Goals for 2016

Setting up blogging goals is new for me, but I want to do it. I will not have any goals related to numbers as while it’s lovely to see the number grow, it’s a hobby and I want to have goals related to my content.

Blogging Goals for 2016

1. Farm of the month. I saw war on waste and it made me even more determined to sustain the local businesses. So, after chatting with hubby, I decided to visit and buy produce from local farms. I will also start a series on my blog where I will talk about the visit to the farm with a couple of pictures and I will also talk about the produce I got from them.

2. #WIAW. WIAW means What I Ate Wednesday. I like looking at this kind of posts, so I will have a monthly post about one random day that month.

3. Good things. I loved writing this series and I will continue with it. Unlike last year when my goal was to have a post each week, now I think it’s better for a post every other week.

4. Reviews. I want to write more reviews because I saw they are popular with my readers and I also know how difficult was for me to buy a few things because I didn’t find enough reviews about them. I hope I will be able to write a review each month. The topics for my reviews will be different, it can be the vacuum cleaner I bought 2 years and a half ago and that I still love or the newly bought waterproof camera. If it’s something I feel passionate about, I will make a review.

5. What’s cooking. As I moved my recipes to my food blog, I will make a selection of things I cooked, with or without the recipe.

6. Social media. I want to be more active on social media on all my accounts. I tend to spend time reading, but I don’t comment as much as I could.

7. Pinterest. I want to make Pinterest images for my food blog, the ones that have the name of the dish on them to be easier to share. I really like them, so I’m not sure why I don’t make them like that at the moment.

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  1. Having blog goals is a good motivation I think. Good luck with all and hope you achieve all or most!

  2. I love doing WIAW and do them often on your fitness blog! I’m working on pinterest images too this year 🙂

    Corinne x

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