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365 Project – July

July was an amazing month. My husband and I went for a 5k run, we’ve been to London, strawberry picking, Harrogate. I made afternoon tea at home, I went to a blogger event and it finished with an amazing weekend away in Cumbria. I will blog about the fab places we’ve been to in Lake District this month.


Day 183. Festus waiting for us. Day 184. On my way to the Color Run. Day 185. Haworth, a beautiful English village. Day 186. The sky at 9 o’clock. Day 187. Our “wild” pigeon is waiting for his lunch. He doesn’t seem too bothered that I am taking a lot of pictures of him, only a couple of meters away. He is not bothered if we are in the garden and he will have his lunch while Festus is relaxing. Day 188. St. Paul’s, on a day-trip to London. Day 189. Tea I got from a lovely Twinings shop in London. Day 190. The Clematis in my garden is in bloom.
Day 191. Festus was waiting for the door to open, so he could play in the garden. He wasn’t bothered by the rain. Day 192. My 2nd lesson to learn how to ride the bike.

Day 193. A bunch of flowers got from the reduce to clear section for just 50p. They look amazing even after a few days. Day 194. A slate cake stand I bought that day. I wanted a cake stand for a while and this one was exactly what I was looking for. Day 195. I spotted a beautiful school while out shopping. Day 196. Festus, playing with his toy. Day 197. I received the welcome pack for the Caravan Club, we signed up as members. Day 198. This is my first attempt to make afternoon tea. Cupcakes, 2 pies, chestnut mousse, 2 types of scones with homemade jam and 3 different sandwiches. Day 199. My outfit for the day. Day 200. Completely dry tank, as we are turning towards the petrol station to fill it up. I told my husband it takes a lot of skill to get to 0 exactly as you get in the petrol station.

Day 201. Pick your own. I got strawberries, tayberries and raspberries and I also had a lot of fun picking them. Day 202. One of the lilies from my garden was in bloom. Day 203. My new business cards, ordered for an event. I forgot to take them with me. Day 204. Baked waffles with walnut preserve, made in my new waffle baking tray. Day 205. Chocolate and almond bites. Day 206. A picture from a fab blogger event. Day 207. I won a doughnut at Ikea. Day 208. Rearranging the clothes in the build-in wardrobe. Day 209. My new spice jars. I used to have 30, now I have 45. Day 210. Popcorn and a movie. Day 211. Lake Ullswater, on our weekend away in Cumbria. Day 212. The puzzling place, more about that in a future post. Day 213. Shap abbey.

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  1. Haha at 212. I’m looking forward to reading about it. I’m guessing it’s an upside down room or something?

    Corinne x

    1. The room was on a side, the floor was the wall. It was fun to try different angles for the photos. 🙂

  2. What a month! How cute that you’ve got yourself a pigeon friend, I think they are nice birds (the wood pigeons rather than the urban ones that you get in town), they can be quite funny and I’m always stopping to take photos of them.

    How awesome that you are learning to ride a bike, I love my bike and wouldn’t be without it. I hope you get the hang of it soon, it’s such as easy way to get around and get some exercise at the weekends.

    I haven’t been to a PYO place in years! I miss that about my childhood and I’ve yet to find a place to PYO in Belgium. Definitely on my list of things I miss about the UK.

    ~ K

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