October 2023

This was a very busy month, with us moving to Oxford for my studies. I only had time to read 2 books and visit 3 places, we went twice to London and Liverpool. I’m enjoying the crazy schedule, but I have to admit at first it was a bit overwhelming. I have things scheduled almost […]

strawberries for dogs


CuppaPug is a lovely pug cafe in London. They are getting booked fast and they allow only 12 people at a time, so make sure you are booking way in advance if you want to visit them. The dogs are so cute and the staff is great. I highly recommend them. We bought strawberries from […]

Wheatley Mill

Wheatley mill

Wheatley mill is a lovely place to see in Oxfordshire. We visited the mill in their last open days of the year. It is worth checking if you are close to Oxford next year. The guides are knowledgeable and the site is well worth seeing. Enjoy the pictures!