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Doune Castle

Doune Castle is a medieval stronghold, close to Stirling, central Scotland. Its name might not be recognized, but the interior of the castle is known by movie fans all over the world. Doune Castle made its appearance in two well known series: Outlander and The Games of Thrones. I hope you like some of the pictures I’m showing from the castle.

Doune Castle

I’ve read in an article which said that, according to the ONS Travel Trends 2017 statistics, Doune Castle, which is Castle Leoch in Outlander, has seen a 227 per cent increase in visitor numbers since 2013.

Doune Castle as Winterfell

It was also Winterfell in The Games of Thrones, sharing this glory with Castle Ward in northern Ireland, where scenes from Winterfell were also filmed. This is how I’ve ticked another one of my 40 Before 40 list.

Doune Castle. Entrance into the Hall

It gets busy, so make sure you are prepared to wait before you can get inside. You can get an audio guide and it was very interesting.

Doune Castle, interior. Hall

The Hall is gorgeous. It is very tall and has two very interesting features. Firstly, the minstrels’ gallery that you can see in the back. Secondly, the central hearth, I imagine that the fire would have looked amazing when they entertained.
The Hall was equipped with a latrine, for the use of the nobles only.

Doune Castle, interior

During our visit, we could read some funny stories from the filming of Outlander. For example, they had to run after a goat that escaped. Details about filming were narrated by Jamie Fraser! (well, Sam Heughan, as Jamie is a fictional character).

Doune Castle, tower seen from above

Doune Castle. kitchents

Doune Castle. Room

View from Doune Castle

The view from the castle is gorgeous.

Doune Castle. Restoration

There is scaffolding on some walls, as the castle needs a bit of TLC.

Doune Castle. Stairs

Interior lawn at Doune Castle

Other movies filmed at Doune Castle are Ivanhoe (both Liz Taylor’s 1952 film and the 1996 BBC adaptation) and Monty Python & the Holy Grail.

Doune Castle is on Castle Hill, Doune, Perthshire, FK16 6EA. Members of Historic Environment Scotland have free entry and discounts and free entry are offered for members of English Heritage. The price is £9 for adults. The audio guide is included in the price. The castle is open all year round, with a couple of exceptions, like Christmas.

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  1. I just started watching Outlander so I’ll have to look for it. And yes, I’ve seen both Holy Grail and Ivanhoe and who knew what I was looking at. What a fascinating spot. Thanks for the tour!

  2. I’m probably one of the only people on earth who has not seen any of those shows/films. That doesn’t stop me from enjoying the wonderful photos you shared. I’m always fascinated by castles, trying to imagine what they must have been like in their time.

    1. I loved Game of Thrones, but not the last season, that was incredibly disappointing, so much that I’m not going to watch the series again.
      I’m very keen on the Outlander, it is very well made and the plot is very unusual, hopefully will not disappoint (I haven’t watched the latest season).

  3. This castle does look familiar from both shows. What a gorgeous site. Fun too with it celebrity appearances!

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