This week I’ve been to an event at Lush in Liverpool, they were launching the Halloween range. We also could see the Lush SPA.



It was the first time I’ve been to Lush SPA. It’s quite different, the decor is made to resemble an English cottage, to give a homely feel. There are lots and lots of oils and massage bars.



After seeing the SPA, we wondered around the shop, seeing the new products and getting to try the products.

The masks display looks lovely. After a small presentation of the masks, I’ve decided I want to try 2 of them and I took samples home. I tried one of the masks yesterday and it was really nice.


The highlight of the event was, for me, getting to make my own bubble bar. I like bubble bars and I had one from Lush.

This is my bubble bar. After making it, I had to keep it in the fridge overnight to set and it was ready to be used the following day. It was so much fun to make it. Lush is doing parties where the guests can make their own bars. I think that is such a great idea for a birthday party or hen party, it’s something different and memorable.

The Halloween range is similar to the one they had last year. There are a couple of sets. The big one, in an orange pumpkin, has 4 items: Boo, the bath melt, 2 bath bombs and the glittery pumpkin bubble bar.

The pumpkin bath bomb smells nice and it looks so funny.

Boo, the bath melt. These make the water milky with foam on top, in the demonstration it looked nice.

The Goth Fairy is full of glitter. I tried it and I really liked it, it’s moisturising and the glitter is fun.

The pumpkins are so cute, but so much glitter. It’s a bubble bar. In the back there are green monsters that have 2 items in them, a shower cream and a bath bomb. I think it’s a great idea for a gift.

Have you been to Lush SPA or would you like to? What do you think about the Halloween range?

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  1. Boo,. the Bath Melt looks fun, as does the monster! I’ve heard all about the SPA here, it sounds so luxurious and relaxing, i’d best get saving then ey!Amy

  2. Lush always go to town with their Halloween range, though it’s a pity much of this year’s is the same as last (I guess there is a limit to how far you can extend the theme). I love the Boo bath melts. So cute. I’m going to pick a few of those up. Tx

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