LightNight 2021

LightNight 2021, in person, who would have imagined that after the last 14 months? Well, last year’s LightNight event was a bit disappointing in its online version, but this year it was pretty amazing. As usual, I looked on their programme to decide where we should go. My husband is not bothered, usually makes recommendations from the list I make. With restrictions for indoor activities relaxing only a few days previous to the event, it was a leap of faith for them to organize the event as they did. It paid off.

We started by going to the Baltic Market for food, but the vegan options were not great, only a couple, despite being mentioned on the website that they cater for vegans. So, we went on the next place on our list: Liverpool Cathedral. We’ve enjoyed it so much that we broke with the tradition of going to a few places for LightNight and we spent the rest of the evening at the cathedral.

LightNight 2021

The Peace Doves installation was gorgeous. It’s not clear from this picture, but these are white paper doves, thousands of them, which contain messages of hope, peace, and love. This installation was created by artist Peter Walker.

LightNight - Peace Doves

The messages on the doves were written at the cathedral during last year and ~23,000 were sent to schools, which is lovely. Each dove was pin into place by hand on those long paper strings, which make the art piece even more moving.

Peace Doves

These are the doves, in another art piece in the church.


The dove theme was central to this year’s event at the cathedral. This is an interactive project. A lot of buttons were on a nearby table, for people to take one and put it in the dove, giving them a moment to reflect on someone who they lost last year. I didn’t add a button, but I though of the acquaintances; three people who died last year (two with covid).


Opera was lovely. We heard eight arias, in Italian, French, English, and German, such as Sous le dôme épais and Madamina, il catalogo è questo.


Concert, a mix of organ with drums, amazingly fascinating. It was so different. I’ve enjoyed it a lot. There is a short clip on my Instagram (Liverpool tag), if you fancy listening to that.


It was also an organ concert and a choir sang popular songs.



This is my husband in angel form or, I think, he would prefer a dove/bird. Only after taking the pictures I realized that he had a lovely blue light while mine was pink, how so very appropriate.


And… this is me.


Had dinner at the bistro. How gorgeous is this view?

Bugers and fries

I didn’t expect to find vegan burgers, but we did. They were also very popular too. We had some fries with the burgers and it was a really lovely meal. They also had vegan desserts, but we are going to try those next time.

Peace Doves in light


We’ve had a wonderful time. People paid attention and kept the recommended social distance, almost all with masks, and there were lots of hand sanitisers in the church. It was a covid-safe event, but it did not hindered the experience at all. It was just so lovely.

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  1. LightNight sounds incredible and your photos are stunning! I am glad it was covid safe but that also didn’t take away from the experience. It sounds wonderful.

  2. What a fabulous event and how wonderful to see it in person rather than virtual. I’m so impressed with the art installations and it would be wonderful to hear music in that cathedral. I’m glad they are still doing distanced seating. Love your angel pictures. It looks fantastic and I’m sure it felt joyful to be there with others.

  3. This looks like a fantastic event! The dove displays, the music… it all looks so interesting. And since I love cathedral architecture, the venue itself would be a real treat.
    Kelly recently posted…Instagram photos #10My Profile

    1. I think you’d like a tour of the cathedral, especially as it is a very new one, built in the 20th century. We did a tour a few years ago and went up on the roof, learned about the architects. It was pretty amazing.
      We usually go at the cathedral for LightNight, as part of our event tour, because they always have spectacular events.

      I love the pictures with the snow, the dogs seem to enjoy it a lot, but the cows are not impressed.

  4. What a lovely event! It is wonderful they were able to organize it in a COVID safe way. I haven’t heard of Lightnight before, but it seems so well organized. The dove art installations are beautiful. I like the one with the lights and hundreds of hand pinned doves the most- and how precious it contains hand written notes of hope. The photographs of you and your husband with wings are wonderful. It’s great you were able to find some vegan burgers to enjoy.

    1. It’s a local event and every year is different, on a relevant theme. It was so great to be able to go in person to an event after all this time. xx

  5. Oh Anca, this looks just beautiful! I’ve not heard of Lightnight before but I can imagine it’s something you really need to experience in person and not online. Thank you for sharing your photos, the ones of all the doves spilling over the steps is my favourite 🙂

    1. It’s an yearly event in Liverpool, in late May. It’s worth coming for the day, as there are so many different locations taking place, from art venues to university to churches. It’s always interesting. 🙂

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