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As the title says, this post is about goslings. Yesterday my husband and I went to Sefton Park and we spotted two cute goslings. I had some bird food and I fed them, after that we’ve sat near them and had a lovely relaxing time watching them. The goslings were so sweet, had some nibbles, then a nap, again nibbled on a couple of seeds, then another nap.
People were stopping and taking pictures, give them food. Dogs passing by were stealing small pieces of bread and being shooed away by the very protective geese.

01 Goslings

Enjoy the pictures.

02 Goslings

03 Goslings

04 Goslings

05 Goslings

06 Goslings

07 Goslings

08 Goslings

09 Goslings

10 Goslings

11 Goslings

12 Goslings

13 Goslings

14 Goslings

15 Goslings

16 Goslings

17 Goslings

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  1. The goslings are darling!!! We saw some as we were cycling earlier! They are so cute!!!

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