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Autumnal recipes

I thought I should make a compilation of Autumnal recipes to share with my readers and also to have as a reference when I lack inspiration. I made all these recipes myself and all the recipes are available on CookStyle .
The recipes include lots of pumpkins, squash, and other vegetables that are in season. I made four collages with ideas for starters, soups, mains, and jams. Like most of my recipes, these will not take long to make, with one exception. I’m going to talk about that exception shortly.

Autumnal recipes: Starters. Two bowls

Autumnal recipes: Starters

For starters I chose Zacusca and Carrot Houmous. It’s unlikely you’ve heard of Zacusca before. It’s a Romanian traditional dish that is prepared in September-October for winter. My version is lighter, with less oil. It’s time consuming, especially if you are making it from scratch. It involves roasting the aubergines and that takes a long time, roasting peppers, then cooking. I took a shortcut and I bought roasted peppers and aubergine pulp from the International shop. The fun part is that the aubergines are Turkish and the peppers Bulgarian… to make a very traditional Romanian dish. There are pictures of the jars in the recipe, if you fancy giving it a try and using the shortcuts.

For the second starter I picked Carrot homous. It is very easy to make. In my recipe I used dried chickpeas that I soaked and boiled. There are instruction on how to make that easier and faster, but, if you don’t want to be bothered with this, use canned chickpeas. The recipe is vegan and healthy. I served it with roasted sunflower seeds and olives in oil with herbs.

Autumnal recipes: Soups. Two bowls of soup

Autumnal recipes: Soups

Now let’s talk about soups. I love soup. Now I have a bowl of soup every evening, as a light dinner. I know most people have a light breakfast and a huge dinner. For me, is the other way around. I need energy during the day and not so much after finishing everything and relaxing watching a movie and reading a book.
There are plenty of soup recipes on my blog. From them I chose Pumpkin soup and Vegan roasted pumpkin soup. As most soups, they are packed with veggies, low in calories, easy to make and filling.

Autumnal recipes: Mains. Collage with four pictures of mains

Autumnal recipes: Mains

From top left, the recipes are Squash curry, Sweet potato curry with wild rice, Stuffed mix squash, and Squash pasta. Obviously there is a lot of squash.

Squash curry, like all curries, has a lot of spices, lots of veggies. It’s also vegan. Sweet potato curry with wild rice is just as delicious. For this one, I used some Indian chutney. If I would make it now, I would replace the chutney with lots of spices. Stuffed mixed squash is something I tried because I made stuffed veggies. The stuffed squash turned out delicious.
The last recipe is Squash pasta. The squash is cooked two ways and it makes the dish very special. Because the sauce is pureed squash, the recipe is vegan and it doesn’t have a lot of calories either.

Autumnal recipes: Jams. Two types of jam

Autumnal recipes: Jams

I finish my recipe recommendations with jams. The Orange Jam is a Tudor recipe. For a 400+ years old recipe, is full of flavour, so different, and special. I was amazed with it and is something I will make again and again. It’s a bit different, but it doesn’t take a long time.
The last recipe I’m sharing is Cinnamon Squash Jam. This is a recently recipe my husband made. I love the texture and the flavours. It’s a must-try for me.

Any more ideas for Autumn? I would love to hear what you love to cook.

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