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Castle Street Townhouse

I was invited to sample the new lunch menu at the Castle Street Townhouse* in Liverpool. Obviously, I was delighted about this and I arranged a lunch date for me and my husband. After having lunch, we went to see the Double Fantasy exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool, about John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It was a lovely day out, so let’s start by talking about our lunch.

Castle Street Townhouse. Interior

The place looks gorgeous. I like the tables, distressed floor, and those lights at the back of the restaurant. The artwork is nice too. It looks like a great location for a more fancy lunch or for dinner.

Castle Street Townhouse. Table

We had a look at the new lunch menu and we’ve decided to go for the Falafel Salad and Hummus Flatbread. Of course, both options are vegetarian. As for drinks, my husband wanted a mocha while I got an apple juice. We also had cucumber water on the table, brought exactly after we took our seats.

For full disclosure, I have to say that I was not impressed with the staff. All were polite as you can imagine, but none seemed friendly, especially the lady that took our order. Maybe they had an off day.

Castle Street Townhouse. Lunch

The Falafel Salad was made with couscous, cucumber, pickle carrot, pomegranate, harissa pepper dressing. The price for this one is £9. I liked it a lot. The falafels were delicious and the couscous was nicely cooked. The portion size was great, considering that it is from their Light bites lunch menu.

Castle Street Townhouse. Light bite

The Hummus Flatbread was with red pepper, olive oil, and feta cheese at £8.5. You can obviously see the size difference between the falafel dish and the houmous, despite having a similar price. It was a shame, because the houmous was really good, very garlicky an delicious. Having a bit more on the plate would have been really good.

Castle Street Townhouse. Decor

We both enjoyed our lunch and, considering how the restaurant looks, the prices are good. I loved the couscous and that is something I would order again. The houmous was very good as well. The food came out fast and the atmosphere was nice. In the pictures it seems we were the only ones there because I took pictures when I could, avoiding catching customers in them, for their privacy.

Castle Street Townhouse is at 25-27, Castle St, Liverpool L2 4TA. If you want to read more about them or book a table, head over to their website @

Castle Street Townhouse. Exterior

*I was invited by Castle Street Townhouse. All opinions and pictures are my own.

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  1. The food DOES look lovely but I can definitely see the disparity in portion size you mentioned! I am GLAD you said that about the politeness but lacking friendlyness because we went to a new cafe near our home that has opened and the waitresses were polite but there was something in their demeanour or approach that made me feel they weren’t very sincere or friendly and my husband was not very understanding when I tried to explain this to him!

  2. It does look delicious. I guess one could order the hummus minus the feta to make it vegan. Is that Israeli couscous with the falafel? I have some on my shelf that I’ve not tried cooking yet. I normally use the smaller (tricolor) couscous.

    1. I thought the same about the houmous. While I usually eat vegan, at a restaurant I might have something vegetarian instead. I’m afraid I don’t know it the couscous is Israeli. The ones I find in shops aren’t specific, so I have no idea.

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