August 2021

August was a very busy month. I enjoyed watching the Olympics and Paralympics, like the final at the wheelchair rugby, that was so exciting. I’m watching Paralympics online so I avoid in part the commentary between games. What I don’t understand is why the British commentators are rooting for anyone but the British athletes. I […]


Knowsley Safari Park. August 2021

Our visit to Knowsley Safari Park was lovely as so many animals were very close to the road. I shared photos taken with the camera and the phone to emphasise how close they were. I loved it! Don’t miss the back-scratch collage.

picture of me

Going to King’s College

Two years ago, to the day, I shared that I was going to Oxford for a Foundation course. It was a two-year part-time course equivalent to the first year at university. In these two years I’ve had weekly seminars, dozens of lectures, studied 5 modules, wrote 12 essays (one of 4,000 words and the others […]

The vegan kind boxes

The Vegan Kind. August Boxes

The Vegan Kind has two boxes in August, both lifestyle and beauty. This month they arrived in time and I am pleased with what they had inside too. I’m very happy with both. I got the subscription almost an year ago and, overall, I am happy with them. Some months are better than others, I […]

AI More than Human

AI: More than Human

AI: More than Human is a special exhibition at World Museum in Liverpool. Its aim is to show the developing story of AI. The exhibition started with a fun game as our moves were mimicked on the screen. It was very popular with the visitors of all ages from what I’ve seen in the few […]

My garden in August

My garden in August

In August last year the garden was finished, after doing a lot of jobs, from changing concrete fence posts to wall it around with white panels for privacy. I never imagined that we were going to enjoy the garden so much. Now I am writing this post sitting on a bench in the garden while […]


The Vibe Café

The Vibe Café is a plant-based coffee shop in Liverpool. They have amazing food, amazing desserts, and a perfect location in the city centre. They are in walking distance of L1’s shopping centre, from Albert Dock and its lovely museums, and very close to a lot of transport links too. The staff is friendly and […]

Staircase House

Staircase House

Staircase House is a Grade II* listed medieval building, from 1460, in Stockport, Greater Manchester. It’s been a long time since we visited an indoor museum, which was so usual for us before the pandemic. Usually an audio guide is available, but not now due to covid measures they are taking. A bookguide is only […]