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AI: More than Human

AI: More than Human is a special exhibition at World Museum in Liverpool. Its aim is to show the developing story of AI.

The exhibition started with a fun game as our moves were mimicked on the screen. It was very popular with the visitors of all ages from what I’ve seen in the few minutes we spent near it. I enjoyed it very much too.

Golem display

The exhibition deals with things like the Golem, traditions and superstitions from Japan and Egypt, literature, and the development of computers and computing.

Archeological display

Item 7 was found at Shimokakeshita site and it is from late Jomon period, circa 2500-1200 BCE. These might have been used to “communicate” with inanimate objects.


Sunshowers is a real-time animation, with sound. Each character has its own AI system and they are non-playable. They interact and evolve over time due to their interactions. It’s quite interesting to see.

Soro - Sharp Corporation, plastic calculator from 1979

Ada Lovelace

This is a letter by Ada Lovelace. How wonderful to see it on display.


I shared a video of the dog on instagram. It was a bit strange to pet and interact with a toy that actually reacts at what we were doing. It was hugely popular with the visitors, as one can imagine. While I see the utility for having dog-robots in some situations, for example in care homes or hospitals, I don’t rate as highly the idea of having an artificial dog instead of a real one. The real dogs have downsides, they shed hair, make a mess, get sick, and also die, but that is a part of having real interactions, when not everything is clean and you don’t change your pet as you would with your phone. Grieving after a lost pet gives one the incentive to cherish the moments they have with their beloved pet while they are still alive.


Deep fakes were touched upon in the exhibition, but I feel this subject needed more attention than it got.


This is how a phone looks like.

AI More than Human

These area two machine views, one of Liverpool and one of Shanghai, using algorithmically generated video projection. Building’s shapes are mapped. The reason for picking Shanghai is that the Chinese community in Liverpool is the eldest in Europe and many of the first people arrived here from Shanghai to work on shipping lines.

I feel the exhibition was a bit overpriced, but it was interesting overall. I think they could have touched upon things like social media and algorithms who are influencing our lives more than a robotic dog can.

World Museum is on William Brown Street, Liverpool. The exhibition is from 18 May to 31 Oct 2021. The tickets are £12 for adults. The Exhibition was curated and organised by Barbican International Enterprises and co-produced by Forum Groningen, Netherlands. You need an hour to visit the exhibition, maybe a bit more.

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  1. It seems like an interesting exhibition. I agree with you that deep fakes, social media and algorithms should have taken a more prominent part in this exhibition. A robot dog is fun but it doesn’t really have an impact on human lives. It would be more interesting to see how AI influences different parts of our lives, especially in context of social media and deep fakes.
    Ivana Split recently posted…VISIT TROGIR CITY WITH ME!My Profile

  2. That looks like a really interesting exhibition, even if they did miss a trick by not covering social media and algorithms. I find golems and such like so fascinating, even if they are quite creepy! Glad you enjoyed your visit 🙂

  3. I loved your video of the dog on Instagram. I agree, though. It could never really take the place of a living animal.

    I’m glad you were able to get out again for something fun like this!
    Kelly recently posted…Instagram photos #11My Profile

    1. It’s quite good over here, there are plenty of things to do as everything is opened. I wear my mask even if others are not, so I am comfortable doing stuff like before the pandemic.

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