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Choosing Plant Pots

Choosing Plant Pots might sound like a strange topic for a post, but these days, with the home office renovations, it was something that I thought long about. It also involved lots of long discussions with my husband about the pots we are going to buy. I know that this is one of those First World Problems, but why should we pick the best suited pots given the opportunity?

Choosing Plant Pots

We’ve looked at a few shops, like B&Q and Home Sense. In the end, we’ve shortlisted two. Both plant pots are from B&Q, the ones you see in the picture above. Seeing them in store was not as conclusive as we thought, so, we’ve bought one of each, to see how they look at home, in the place they are going to be placed. We’ve placed temporarily two of the plants that will be in the room. These plants, which are Tamarind trees, were grown from seeds, and we have quite a lot of them, as we didn’t realize that so many of them would sprout and grow. Going back to the talk about the pots, after two days we were sure, the lighter one was the right choice and we’ve returned the dark one. Of course, we bought two more light ones and a big light one.

My husband and I liked the dark one, it has a beautiful shape and the texture is lovely as well. The colours are really nice and I think this pot would have worked nicely in any other room of our home. But it didn’t work in the home office. We have three kinds of wood in the room, one for the flooring and the other two are for my desk and the cabinet you can see in the picture. Adding a dark, wood-ish pot would have been a bit too much. I think the fluid and organic pattern and light colours of the second plant pot were a much better option.

Now that I have all four in the room, I know we took the right choice. It looks lovely. Today or tomorrow I’m going to replant the plants.

Does it seem too much: thinking, talking, and trying different plant pots to make sure they are the right fit in a room? I don’t think so, because these little details can make a big difference to the look and feel of a room. Any room can be enhanced by a few carefully selected accessories. Also, replanting plants is not terrible beneficial to them, so having pots in which they will spend a few years makes it good for them as well.

There is still a decision to be made regarding the pots from the window sill. Of course, I’m going to share pictures of my home office after all these small bits and pieces are taken care of.

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  1. Interestingly enough, I am wanting some new indoor plant pots for a similar reason (not Tamarinds but my Aloe vera had loads of babies and they were all very claustrophobic all in the same pot so we potted one of the two big babies in the one indoor pot I have but we need another one for the other large one as we don’t have any more. Also, I rescued about 8 more babies and they need pots!!! I have been planning to look in the charity shops as I got a lovely handpainted one for my Basil last year!
    I really like the two you chose. Really pretty, especially the one you eventually went with!
    The Tamarinds look really nice. My Mum has been growing Tumeric from seed and she has an ENORMOUS plant now!

  2. I always do that, look for the right container. Sometimes you don’t have it but by now I have quite a few. The pots really do look terrific.

  3. My younger daughter just moved into a new office at work and she debated long and hard on what plants to use in regard to the natural lighting available. Small things like this can truly make a difference in our general well-being.

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