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Why I love London

I had this post in mind for a while, as part of the Why series on my blog. After what happened a couple of days ago, I made a slight change in my posting schedule for this post: Why I love London.

Why I love London

I heard about London for the first time when I was in year 2 at school and I’ve stared learning my first foreign language. We had lovely books filled with pictures with Big Ben, Westminster, Tower Bridge and Greenwich. I had a lovely teacher and it was fun. I went to London as a tourist and with work for the first time 4 years ago. I loved it. It was amazing to see Westminster, Big Ben, Thames, Somerset House, Mayfair, Greenwich. Since then I’ve been to London dozens of times and I can’t wait to go back.
I already blogged about most of the things I will mention in this post; they are in my travel section – London.

Why I love London

Being part of history with hundred of years of traditions.
I’ve been lucky to go to The Ceremony of Keys at the Tower of London, a 700 years old tradition. It was so special and I was so happy to attend. My husband got the tickets for us 10 months in advance and soon after that they were fully booked. In the picture you can see the changing of the guard at the Household Cavalry, near the Cavalry Museum, at the Buckingham and from the Tower with the poppy display, so impressive. The changing of the guard at Buckingham dates from 1660s, same as the one at the Household Cavalry.

03 Why I love London

Amazing museums.
There are so many different museums in London, I saw so many and they still are only a small percentage of the things that can be seen. I’ve been to V&A, Science Museum, Museum of London, Supreme Court, Freud Museum which has on display his sofa, Fan Museum with a fan owned by Queen Elizabeth I in a special display, British Museum, Design Museum, Natural History Museum, Cavalry Museum, Museum of Brands, National Portrait Gallery, National Maritime Museum, Hunterian Museum and a few more. Should I even say how many more museums and attractions I want to see? I would need a few months of sightseeing to see everything in London.

05 Why I love London

Kensinston Palace, Tower Bridge, Bank of England, all are instantly recognized. It’s a privilege and a bit of luck to be able to see and visit all of them in a single city.

07 Why I love London

Beautiful parks.
As a teenager I loved reading historical novels, lots of them. When I had the chance to visit London, my friend was puzzled to hear that the first thing I want to see was Hyde Park, as, sadly some of the attractions aren’t there anymore, like the Gunter’s Tea Shop for ices. I’ve been to Hyde Park a few times now, most of the times with Festus, so he can have a play.
There are small parks tucked away between huge buildings, filled with people at lunch time, but so peaceful despite how busy they are. And there is Kew Garden, a delight, so beautiful.

The tube.
Finding the best way from point A to point B by looking at the tube map is not as easy as one might think. I used to say that I’m looking at the tube map as if it was Mona Lisa and I was trying to discover her secrets. The tube has 11 lines and 270 stations. Well, after many rides in the tube, from different places to different locations, I can manage my way around so much faster. It makes me feel very smart and good about myself.

06 Why I love London
Restaurants and shops in beautiful places with a lot of character.
Covent Garden, Shoreditch, Portobello Road are the first that come to my mind when it comes to character. As for restaurants and shops, there are so many.

The people.
Last, but not least, I love London for its people. I can always ask someone for directions and they will take the time to answer my question even though they might be in a hurry to get somewhere.

This is why I love London. I asked other bloggers why they love London and I got this beautiful answers, I got more, but I shared only the first dozen:

“Being in London is like being in a lot of different cities in one – you can’t ever get bored just walking around, as there is always something to see and do, even if the street looks pretty generic and boring!” Natasha at

“I love London because it’s like a whole country of its own – there’s always something going on, you could things from all over the world and every time I visit I feel an exciting buzz when I get close – I love it so much!” Samantha at

“I love London because of its welcoming arms to a variety of different cultures, its historical places of interest and its selection of museums and landmarks, the hidden gems down the narrow nooks and crannies, and its bustling atmosphere!” Georgia @

“London shows every aspect of humanity on its streets. It’s more than the capital of England, it is a history as it’s best. It is alive and growing, it gives meaning and ambition to so many. London is the place where everyone wants their books played out.” Selina @ iamdovetail

“I love London as it feels like the centre of the world! It oozes culture, creativity and cosmopolitan lifestyle.” Sophie @

“It’s our second home. We feel like we belong there when we go back. Regardless of how unfriendly the people supposedly are, they do exist.
London brings people together with its vast historical attractions and more modern, family events.
Most of all-terrible events like we’ve seen this week and previously, never seem to break the London spirit-instead, bringing everyone together.” mayflowerblogs

“I love London because of its multicultural heritage. Being born in Denmark I now consider myself a Londoner having lived here for close to 8 years. It’s a city full of creativity and love and that love will always prevail.” Nadia @

“I love London because you could wear the craziest things and have purple or green hair and no one would blink an eye!” Anisha @

“I spent almost a year in London, and it was one of the warmest, friendliest places I’ve ever lived – the fabulous food, fashion and lifestyle was just an added bonus!” Bry @

“I love London because there always seems to be something fun or unexpected to do or see.
It’s also like a home away from home for me. I grew up in Brighton but there are certain areas of London that have the same kooky character which always makes me feel comforted when I have that pang of missing Sussex.” Luisa-Christie @

“I love London because despite our ups and downs I have found a society that is alternative, welcoming and allows us to be the person who we have always dreamed of becoming.” Ana @

“It’s my chosen home. I lived in 3 other great cities before, but London is by far the best. So much to do with children and lots of them are free!” Eva @

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  2. I’ll admit to never really warming to London, despite really liking other big cities I’ve visited.
    But, after not going for yeats I’ll be visiting in October this year for a few days and I’m actually really looking forward to it!

  3. I haven’t been to London and it’s definitely on my bucket list! The place looks so grand and very rich in history and culture. The structures and the statues are very impressive!


  4. Thank you for featuring me x
    I think so many people don’t see the brighter, lighter side of London because they feel so overwhelmed by it. It’s not big and busy, it’s simply has lots going on, and lots of new people to meet, each with their own story!

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