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Kaliakra, Bulgaria

Next post in my Travel Memories Series is about Kaliakra, Bulgaria. We’ve been to Kaliakra with Festus, so you’ll be able to see him in the pictures. The site is dog friendly and I loved that.

 Kaliakra, Bulgaria

Cape Kaliakra is located in northeastern Bulgaria. It is only 60 km of Varna and 80 km of Constanta, Romania. The stunning landscape is made from horizontal layers of limestone, towering above the Black Sea. During its history, the fortress was used by Tracians, Romans, Byzantines, and Bulgarians. Some artifacts from ancient settlements are on exhibit in a small museum.

 Kaliakra, Bulgaria

The views from the fortress are amazing. This is part of the Kaliakra reserve. There is a marked trail, if you fancy a walk.

The peninsula stretches for 2 km into the Black Sea. A story says that when the Ottoman army approached Kaliakra, 40 girls that lived in the area run towards the headland. There, they tied their hair together and jumped off the cliff, choosing to die instead of being captured and turned into slaves or raped. An obelisk named ‘The Gate of the 40 Maidens’ was built to mark their sacrifice.

 Kaliakra, Bulgaria


Man playing

 Kaliakra, Bulgaria

In the fortress there is a restaurant. It is quite a gorgeous place to have lunch or a cup of coffee.

 Kaliakra, Bulgaria

Black Sea

In 1444 King Wladyslaw III of Poland camped at Kaliakra on his way south to face the Ottoman Empire. He will die in the Battle of Varna. Over 300 years later, in 1791, there was an important naval battle at Cape Kaliakra, this brought an end to the Russo-Turkish War.

 Kaliakra, Bulgaria


 Kaliakra, Bulgaria

The medieval fortress of Kaliakra is stunning, and I think is worth visiting. Balchik and Varna are two cities nearby that have plenty of attractions for tourists, so there are plenty of exciting things to do on a holiday there. I would like to go back and visit this places again.

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  1. Oh what an imposing-looking fortress! This sounds and looks a great place to visit. So atmospheric and how nice that Festus could come with you!

  2. The views are amazing! I love medieval places on the coast, they are so impressive and you really get a feel of what it must have been like. The story of the Maidens is a bit grim, but I like the symbol of courage it shows. Thank you for sharing Anca! 🙂

    Julia x

  3. The fortress looks amazing and such serene views of the sea! I love exploring places like this when I travel!

    Sarah 🙂

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