Hamilton Square

Hamilton square is a small park in Birkenhead, built in 1826 to the design of Edinburgh architect James Gillespie Graham. No two sides of the square are identical and it is second only to Trafalgar Square in London for having the most Grade I listed buildings in one place in England. The land was bought […]

Lavender Harvest

Saturday we went to Inglenook farm to visit the lavender farms and volunteer in the harvesting. It was a lovely day and we really enjoyed it. The staff was very helpful, eager to tell us about the lavender or about the process of making oil. This is a poppy field near the car park. The […]


We visited U-boat with some friends. We were lucky to have such a nice warm day. U-534 was headed towards Norway, when it was attacked by a Liberator aircraft. She took heavy damage and began to sink. Amazingly, 49 of the 52 crew members survived. The vessel laid forgotten on the sea bed for over […]

Monkey Forest

On our holiday we went to Monkey Forest, in the Trentham Estate, near Stoke on Trent and RAF Museum. Here the Barbary macaques roam freely in a 60 acre forest. They live as they would in the Atlas mountains of Algeria and Morocco. There are 3 more similar parks, 2 in France and 1 in […]

RAF Museum

On our holiday we went to Monkey Forest and Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford. The museum is near an active field, so we saw soldiers and real fighters planes. We both enjoyed it very much. I didn’t had high expectations, but I found the information very interesting and well presented. We spend around 3 hours […]


We had a small holiday this week. We went to Stafford, Telford and Stoke on Trent. I took some pictures on the motorway, but I put just one on the blog. We were on the 2nd lane (of 5) on M6, to Stafford. Our holiday started with a visit of Ancient High House. The lovely […]

Feeding birds and squirrels

We went in Birkenhead park with Festus a few days ago and we saw squirrels near the lake. I’ve read on a board that it’s not allowed to feed white bread to the wild animals, so, I went shopping and I got a bag of peanuts specially made for wild birds. Today we went in […]

Birkenhead Priory

I love the Priory and it’s history. We went twice and I want to go back, hopefully the tower will be finished and we’ll be able to climb the 101 stairs. The Priory is the oldest standing building in Merseyside. It was build in 1150. The monks followed the Rule of St. Benedict. The Prior […]

Olive Grove

Update! Restaurant closed. Yesterday we went in Heswall and I loved the place from the start. It’s very clean and the landscape is very beautiful. Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures because there aren’t parking lots near the most beautiful places. After hubby finished a meeting, we had a great time at the Olive Grove. The […]

The Edmund Gardner

Hubby booked a tour of Edmund Gardner, the largest piece in Liverpool Museum. It was lovely, we both enjoyed it very much. He took a lot of photographs, so there is an overload of pictures from our visit. We’ve met the curator in the Museum of Liverpool and then we went on the Canning dock […]