Festus, the sleeping dog

I avoid blogging about my dog because this subject can be boring for non-dog owners, but the way he is sleeping is too cute not to be mentioned. After our usual morning walk, he must sleep, so he can be prepared for a new walk in the evening.

01 rottweiler sleeping

I’ve posted a couple of months ago pictures of one of his favourites way to sleep, with the head at 90 degrees. That’s a very comfy way to sleep if you are dog, obviously. If he is tired, he will sleep with one leg on the wall and if he is very very tired he will have both legs on the wall. I can easily say he was very very tired today.

02 rottweiler sleeping

03 rottweiler sleeping

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  1. Ha, he is hilarious!!! I like the fact he is totally spread out BUT being considerate by keeping close to the wall!x

    1. It’s funny when he wants to find a comfortable position to sleep. He moves around, but manages to touch the wall in the end 🙂

  2. That is soooo cute! I think it’s a Rottie thing as ours Ronnie does exactly the same thing when he’s sleeping! xx

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