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Rode Hall

Rode Hall is a family home, being owned by the Wilbraham family since 1669. The house is open for guided tours on limited days and also have special events. We’ve been to see it earlier this month and to see the bluebells. The walk was available for only one week, but on the day we could visit, it was such a wonderful and sunny day that it was amazing.

Rode Hall

We took the guided tour and saw many interesting things and learned about the family and the house. The guides were lovely and our group had only 4 visitors, unlike the following group which was much bigger.

Rode Hall, outside

As this is a lived-in house we couldn’t take pictures inside. What I loved most was the Jupe table. It is an expanding circular dining table with a gorgeous pattern on it. The table has an unfolding star shape design and it looks unique. I might have seen one of these before, but never saw how the mechanism works.

Another highlight was that we were permitted (encouraged) to sit on the coronation chair from Queen Elizabeth! It was just before King Charles’s coronation, so it was so cool.


This is the way towards the tearoom, usually very busy.


We could visit the gardens and enjoy the beautiful flowers.


Bluebelle walk

And now the bluebells walk. It looked so beautiful, the pictures don’t do justice. Some people had their dogs with them, which is lovely.

Bluebelle walk






After the bluebells we went to the tearooms. They were very busy, so we looked outside. The last two pictures in this post are with the available tables outside. Isn’t that just incredibly gorgeous?



Rode Hall is on Scholar Green, Cheshire, ST7 3QP. It is so worth visiting.

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    1. That door was towards the walled garden. I love this kind of doors too, always take pictures of them. 🙂

    1. I was very excited about the coronation chair. I saw many of them in different stately homes, but being able to sit for less than a minute on one was amazing.

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