Purple summer dress

I love purple! It’s my favourite colour and I love this dress too, great for summer. It’s my first Superdry dress and so far I’m very happy with it, it’s very comfy. I’ll have to check their website from now on. I had no idea why the trees were dressed up like this. I looked […]

Giants in Liverpool, Sunday

The last day of the event was shorter, only a few hours in the morning. The grandma and little girl left Liverpool by sailing on Mersey. It was too crowded and we had no other choice but to stand still and wait for them to embark. Echo is the local newspaper, obviously very involved in […]

Giants in Liverpool, Saturday

As we had to work during the morning, we’ve decided to go to the docks in the afternoon. We arrived around 5.30pm on the docks and it was very crowded. Hubby left me on the docks and went to find a parking space and, obviously, after that we couldn’t find each other, with the Giant’s […]

Giants in Liverpool, Friday

Yesterday we’ve been all day to the event, with a short break at lunch time, while the giants were sleeping. The girl looked the same as last time, but it wasn’t any less impressive. I love the dog! It is life-like, it moves his head, eyelids, nose, drools, wags his tail and so on. There […]

Giant Grandma

This weekend it’s a great event in Liverpool, Giant Spectacular. Two years ago we’ve been to another similar event, Sea Odyssey, made to commemorate the centenary of Titanic’s shipwreck. It was so impressive last time, in 3 days around 800,000 people attended the event. This event is about the commemoration of the beginning of WWI. […]

Herbs in the window sill

With the exception of the rosemary, which was bought from a National Trust garden, all of them are grown from seeds. The chillies are huge and they started to produce flowers and chilli. In the right pot I have hot chilli, sage and chilli. In the left one I have rosemary, dill and chives. Last […]

Walking the dog, pics

Every morning hubby and I walk the dog on different routes near our house. It is not a chore, but a joy. The fruits look yummy, didn’t try them though. The cat wasn’t that happy to see us, but I’m blaming Festus for that. He didn’t see her, so no pulling this time. Every time […]


We’ve been to Harrogate for the Home&Gift trade show. It’s not the first time we are visiting the fair, we’ve been last year too. We planned to go to Bettys Tea Rooms, but it was so crowded that it was a queue outside the restaurant! We, obviously, weren’t the only ones who wanted to go […]

Sports Supplements

Even if I do avoid taking supplements like vitamins, I feel that sports supplements are essential while training. I don’t take vitamins only because I don’t feel I really need them. I believe that a highly diversified diet has a greater impact than a vitamin pill and we do tend to eat healthy anyway. My […]